Friday, August 3, 2012

The Rest of the Pictures

The train ride was quite nice riding in first class. Honestly, and this is saying a lot since I am incredibly frugal, it was worth every penny.  Here is a picture of the bathroom that was stocked with soap, plenty of toilet paper, and a hand towel.  It even had a rug in it and smelled fairly nice till near the end.
Nolan loved looking out the window.  Though he was pretty excited about everything that was going on, he slept through most of the night.
Here is Oliver a few hours after we were settled in our apartment in Kiev.
This picture was taken our first night in our apartment all together.  Looking at it today, I still think it is one of my favorite photos of the two of them.
If you look close you can see how rosy Oliver's cheeks were.  I think it was either the heat or the introduction to new foods or the continual wiping from all the spit up-- or all three.
This pose crack me up.  Dennis sleeps the same way with one foot over his knee.  Too cute!
When it was time for me to prepare a meal, Nolan was always right there with me to watch.  He still enjoys being in the kitchen when we are all cooking.
Here is Nolan riding an empty water jug as a horse.
This is what Euro Cup 2012 in Ukraine looked like.  Our apartment was only a five minute walk from here.

To break up our long days at our apartment, we would go on walks and stop by this park to play for a few minutes.  Nolan enjoyed it.
Right by our apartment was this old building.  If you look closely the whole inside is thrashed.  At street level the entrance is blocked off with tape but we were able to walk around.  Once we saw that it was aplace that drunks gather we left.
Oliver enjoying his first ice-cream with us.
Finally, time to go home.  Here we are on the first flight.


  1. It's interesting that you wrote that Oliver had flushed cheeks. Our daughter had the same thing when we first brought her to the hotel and it went away after we came home. Our doctor had no idea what it was, but I noticed that other kids being adopted from Vladivostok at the same time as our daughter had it too.

  2. In every photo, I'm so impressed with what a huge help Rachel must have been! She is such a pretty young lady. What a great blessing for the two of you to share!!!

  3. Ya Rachel looks like she helped a lot how was the Euro Cup?

  4. you are helping your kids out in ways nobody would expect.


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