Sunday, July 22, 2012

Leaving the Babyhouse

This is one mangy, scraggly dog that lives right by the baby house.  One day we were walking by and Jon said the word walnut.  Apparently that is one word this dog doesn't like because it began to bark and follow us. "Okay!  Okay!"   "Pecan"  Pecan!"
Nolan loves to play.
This is the bread truck.  Every time we passed by there was a line of people waiting to buy bread.
Nolan sure can be animated!  He is great at playing along with you.
Mr. Blue Eyes.
Here is the fish tank in the lobby of the baby house.
This was the day we took the boys from the orphanage forever.
Nolan was excited to go.
Oliver was sweet as can be and has been ever since.
We tried to get in a few extra precious moments with this sweet little angel.
The boys walked out in matching shirts as brothers forever!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Open Market

Now that I have finally downloaded all my pictures onto the computer, I will be going back and posting them all. Here we are back in the baby house playing with the boys.
This was during one of Nolan's time ins.  See how he is shaking his fist at Rachel.  One of the caretakers must have done this to the kids-- probably as a joke as if you say I am going to knock your block off , but I didn't find it so funny.
Here we are with another adoptive family from the states.
Oliver learning to play with toys.
Nolan loves to laugh!
Here are pictures of the open market.

Here we are under the street.  Rachel is eating her new favorite ice-cream-- apricot flavored!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remember The Bibs?

Nolan and Oliver hit it off immediately.  Here is Nolan giving Oliver a kiss.
I was able to hand out the bibs.
Here is a precious little girl that we met and fell in love with.  She is so sweet and smart.  Bless her heart.  She reminded me so much of Dennis with her eye and cleft palate, although hers does not appear half as severe as Dennis' was.  I pray that she is not overlooked because of this cosmetic issue, but that someone sees the potential in her beautiful smile!
And look at this precious little boy.  
And this sweetheart is a lil' pumpkin through and through.
And this little guy is such a sweetie although he seems to be overlooked by the caretakers all the time.  He is a petite boy who needs some extra loving.   I am not sure what his condition is-- his fingertips are blue-- but he responded to me appropriately and enjoyed the affection.
To me he is a doll. :)
And this little guy demands attention and is somewhat of a lil' Houdini.  He slipped right out of this walker as soon as I turned around.  I had to quickly slip him back into the seat before the caretakers saw.
Here is Oliver with his little giraffe.
What a cutie Nolan is!
Here is Rachel washing the stairwell for the 8th floor of the apartment building we stayed at. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Together!

I am enjoying all of my family being back together. The Lord is so faithful. We picked up right where we left off and with the addition of Nolan and Oliver-- well our family is just all the more blessed.
The boys are transitioning into our family wonderfully.  Just look!
John saw how much Nolan liked the pools at the babyhouse that he wanted to have one waiting for Nolan when he came home.
It was a great ice breaker.
However when the little boys stripped down to their underwear, Nolan used it to go pee-pee.
John quickly emptied the pool and filled it back up never missing a beat.:)
I am overwhelmed by the excitement and love in each of my children.
Julia had a wonderful dinner waiting for us when we got home.
She is so happy to have us all home!
For Fourth of July, John took all the kids that wanted to go to the local park to watch the most spectacular fireworks show.  Oliver and I stayed because we were more than ready for bed by 8:30pm.  John took Nolan so I could rest, he could bond with Nolan some more, and to introduce Nolan to fireworks!

All the little boys 7 and under slept with John and I last night.  By 6am we were downstairs after a full night's sleep.  Not bad considering the time change.
Dennis is such a proud big boy.
Galina is an amazing big sister.
Nolan can already say Anna!
Adam and Oliver have bonded in a way that makes my heart sing!
Caleb entertaining Oliver.
Oliver loved, loved, loved the pool.  Did I mention that he loved the pool? :)
He could have stayed in all day!
Paul and Nolan getting to know each other. 
Oliver is officially a Reed!
Looks like Nolan is too!