Sunday, July 8, 2012

Remember The Bibs?

Nolan and Oliver hit it off immediately.  Here is Nolan giving Oliver a kiss.
I was able to hand out the bibs.
Here is a precious little girl that we met and fell in love with.  She is so sweet and smart.  Bless her heart.  She reminded me so much of Dennis with her eye and cleft palate, although hers does not appear half as severe as Dennis' was.  I pray that she is not overlooked because of this cosmetic issue, but that someone sees the potential in her beautiful smile!
And look at this precious little boy.  
And this sweetheart is a lil' pumpkin through and through.
And this little guy is such a sweetie although he seems to be overlooked by the caretakers all the time.  He is a petite boy who needs some extra loving.   I am not sure what his condition is-- his fingertips are blue-- but he responded to me appropriately and enjoyed the affection.
To me he is a doll. :)
And this little guy demands attention and is somewhat of a lil' Houdini.  He slipped right out of this walker as soon as I turned around.  I had to quickly slip him back into the seat before the caretakers saw.
Here is Oliver with his little giraffe.
What a cutie Nolan is!
Here is Rachel washing the stairwell for the 8th floor of the apartment building we stayed at. 


  1. Yay! Happy to see the bibs on the babies!! :)

  2. It was so meaningful to actually see the person who was wearing the bib we bought! The little strawberry bib was perfect for that little girl! I wish someone would adopt, I wish several someones would come and adopt them all!

  3. Be still my heart. Love him so much <3

  4. Awww....the little guy in the 6th and 7th pictures looks like a heart baby with his blue fingertips and his lips </3

  5. Awwww! So happy to see the bibs put such great use! I can't wait to make your babies some now too. :)

  6. Sweet babies, and a good excuse to cuddle them.

  7. The little girl in the strawberry bib was just precious. I'd adopt her in a minute if I could.


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