Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Last Day Here

I think I am officially ready to go home.
I am just done being here.
Even though we have one more night, I woke up this morning and began to pack.
It made me feel empowered a little bit.
 Like I have the say--  "We are going home tomorrow and that's that!"

My previous post was probably a little too optimistic.  Oliver is still spitting up.  Not so much, but still quite a bit.
Back to washing clothes.  It probably wouldn't be so bad, but the clear slime leaking out from under the machine is scary.
Note to self-- don't smell it.
I don't know why, but I tend to smell everything.  Even fuzzy gray leftovers in the fridge-- my first reaction is to smell it.  As if it wasn't bad.  My husband thinks I am crazy and asks why in the world I would smell something like that.
I tell him it's a Mom thing.  Right?

I have to admit that doing the baby-baby thing over has taken some getting used to.  Shoot, who am I kidding?  I still haven't gotten used to it.  Caring for Oliver has given me a new found respect for other mamas of small babies.
He may be twelve months old, but he is very immature making him much younger.
Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly blessed-- I guess what I am trying to say is that I am just not so sure of myself as I was before taking custody of him.
I am going to have to relearn a few things.
But I see an incredible blessing to this.
We have seven daughters who will learn right alongside me for when they grow up and become mamas one day.  And same with the boys who will probably play a part in him learning to stand, crawl, and eventually walk.

One evening during dinner I asked Nolan if he wanted to go see his groupa.
He kind of scrunched up his nose and eyes and shook his head no.
His facial expression pretty much said it all-- and made me laugh.
I'm so glad that was his answer.

The more and more I get to know Nolan, the easier he is to parent.
He really is just a very active three year old who is bored, tired, and ready to be around other kids his age that he can play with.

And I am thrilled to say that will happen tomorrow!   


  1. The reality that in a day those kids are LEAVING just set the tears off for me. I'm weird that way! They are free. They are going HOME. They are going to be surrounded by a houseful of kids who will love them, fight with them, care for them, ignore them, step over them, hold them, kiss them, fuss at them... a family!! How amazing and beautiful and definitely exhausting for you is that???

  2. Very glad with you that you will be home soon with the boys. I had to laugh sort of at your feelings of having a baby around..but we have done the same a few times and we are always amazed at what a blessing it is. Also the added benefit of the older and other kids learning how to be parents. We have had it said many times over when our older girls have gone to someones house that they are better "mommas" than most of that person's adult friends. It does help and it is one of the best benefits of a mega family. Many blessings as you travel and for the transition back into your family.

  3. praying for safe travels. I was watching the video of the boys and man they are darling, nothing better than icecream:)

  4. So so excited for you guys!!! Praying for safe travels for you guys!!! Rejoicing with you!!!


  5. I also smell everything! And my husband makes fun of me for it, too. Haha. Praying for safe, on-time flights and that the boys don't get too bored and crazy! I think it's cool that their arrival in America coincides with Independence Day. They are free indeed! Blessings as you travel home!

  6. So excited you are coming home soon. I adopted from Russia and those of you adopting from Ukraine seem to have a much longer journey. I was always wishing for a little more time: had no down time at all.

    On a side note but since I did go into a long long post on my love for REID back when you were still searching for you boys: REID GOT ADOPTED. I've been a little down though that it was domestic adoption so can't share in his journey. To that end thank you so much for letting me share in Nolan's journey home (and to come to care for Oliver too). Infants scare me, single mom here, so I tend to gravitate to the slightly older 3-6 year olds, so it has been great meeting Oliver and sharing in his journey too.

  7. Happy packing; happy travels; happy reunion with the rest of the family! Can't wait to see pictures of these little ones surrounded by the whole family!!!

  8. I don't know what the time difference is between where you are and Central time in the US; so the flight prayers are going to be more constant starting now. Enjoy your babies!

  9. Hi Christine,

    I can imagine you are so done with being there. Just as any Ukranian would be so done with hanging out in the USA for so long. It's not home.

    By the time we left Russia I was having a hard time maintaining a good attitude about the country. Now, ofcourse, I don't remember any hardship but I know that is spiritual amnesia because I was so over being there. I longed to see clear running water and to interact with people who I imagined had no secondary gain in being nice to me! I could go on and on about the reasons I was ready to leave but they mostly boiled down to feeling taken advantaged by people who apparently were not terribly interested in my daughter's best interest.

    That said, I can't wait to visit again. The operative word is, "visit!"

    I'd be surprised if parenting a baby again was anything but a bit tiring. A new learning curve even though you have been there and done that. It's only been days, and I know the love is the same, but are there any differences in parenting Oliver due to Down's Syndrome?

    Have I mentioned that I am a bit jealous? No joy quite like the joy a child with Down's Syndrome brings to the family. Only in God's economy could you have been blessed with these two lovely boys.


  10. I don't comment often, but I've been a long time reader. So glad you are almost on your way home! I wanted to comment on the spitting up thing. We adopted our daughter at the age of 12 months from Russia and had to stay over a month in country during the Christmas season on our 2nd trip. She does not have special needs, however, she spit up like crazy!!! If you think about it, the way they feed them there, shoveling all that food in at such a rapid pace, not giving them the chance to know if they are full or not--it's not surprising that the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus has not had a chance to learn it's proper job. We, too, had to take rags with us everywhere for a while. Once we were home with her, our doctor was not overly concerned (especially after explaining their feeding methods at the baby home) and wanted to give it a little time, as she didn't seem overly uncomfortable. Lo and behold in a couple of months, she completely outgrew it. I know he may have other factors going on, but I just wanted to relate one mom's experience so you know it may just be nothing much but a nuisance :) She is 8, now and in wonderful health. I hope you have a safe trip home and cannot wait to hear about reuniting with the family. ~Crystal

  11. So happy you will reunited with your family. The other kids must be so excited to meet their new little brothers. I think it is cute Nolan reacted the way he did. He knows he has a Mama now!

  12. Wishing you a safe journey home - can't wait to see the whole Reed family all together! With love, Melissa and Paul.

  13. Safe travels! I can't imagine how excited your are to be going home to your family. I look forward to reading about your homecoming.

  14. So excited you are leaving to go home sooooooonn!!!!

  15. Glad the time is almost near!!! Oh, I can so relate to that day before packing. It feels soooo good!!! Happy trails home!!!

  16. I can totally relate to the smelling stuff thing. Sometimes I wonder why I do it. (Maybe we're related...)

  17. Wishing you a peaceful trip home!!

  18. Praise the Lord!! It's here, it's finally here \o/ Praying for a safe and uneventful journey. Much love, Elaine

  19. So happy for you that you are finally going home :) I have really enjoyed following your journey!

  20. Christine, still praying for you and this journey. How exciting to come home with the boys on Independence Day here in the USA.
    And yes, smelling things is an unfortunate gift Mamas get. Praying for fortitude and a rhythm with Oliver!
    God's blessings on you today (and always!)

  21. Nolan must be amazing. Can you imagine leaving everything you have ever known to venture out to a new world with people you have just met? He doesn't have any desire to look back. What a brave kid! Safe travels! I cant wait to see the pictures of all of you together.

  22. It's been a delight to follow your journey to get your boys home! And I TOTALLY know what you mean about going back to baby days. My "baby" was seven when we added our new little one, and getting up in the night is SO much harder than I remember!

  23. Christine, I had to smile BIG when you saiod that about Nolan and his answer...that is awesome! As for the baby thing , yes it takes getting used to all over again no matter HOW many times you have done it..and Oliver does present challenges a baby without DS might not have....but you sound like you are doing awesome and like you say, once you get home , he will have so many loving arms to hold him, so many smiling faces to coo at him and little by little you will get used to it and then..WHAM, he won´t be a baby anymore!

    I CAN TO wait for you to be home and hear your smiling posts and see your kids faces again with you!

    Hey you might on the plane right noW!!!


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