Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Together!

I am enjoying all of my family being back together. The Lord is so faithful. We picked up right where we left off and with the addition of Nolan and Oliver-- well our family is just all the more blessed.
The boys are transitioning into our family wonderfully.  Just look!
John saw how much Nolan liked the pools at the babyhouse that he wanted to have one waiting for Nolan when he came home.
It was a great ice breaker.
However when the little boys stripped down to their underwear, Nolan used it to go pee-pee.
John quickly emptied the pool and filled it back up never missing a beat.:)
I am overwhelmed by the excitement and love in each of my children.
Julia had a wonderful dinner waiting for us when we got home.
She is so happy to have us all home!
For Fourth of July, John took all the kids that wanted to go to the local park to watch the most spectacular fireworks show.  Oliver and I stayed because we were more than ready for bed by 8:30pm.  John took Nolan so I could rest, he could bond with Nolan some more, and to introduce Nolan to fireworks!

All the little boys 7 and under slept with John and I last night.  By 6am we were downstairs after a full night's sleep.  Not bad considering the time change.
Dennis is such a proud big boy.
Galina is an amazing big sister.
Nolan can already say Anna!
Adam and Oliver have bonded in a way that makes my heart sing!
Caleb entertaining Oliver.
Oliver loved, loved, loved the pool.  Did I mention that he loved the pool? :)
He could have stayed in all day!
Paul and Nolan getting to know each other. 
Oliver is officially a Reed!
Looks like Nolan is too!


  1. FUN! And man Dennis looks so tall all of a sudden.

  2. What a beautiful family you have! I loved seeing all the joy and happiness!:) Lori

  3. I was waiting for photos, and you did not disappoint, Christine!!! Thanks so much! I am so glad that they are fitting in with the family. I have a feeling that Oliver is going to be held and snuggled quite a bit. Enjoy your summer!

  4. It is just awesome how the other children take the little ones in so quickly. It speaks well of their parents for raising such generous hearted children. God Bless You and so glad you are safely back at home with all of your children. You have an amazing family!

  5. I have no words. Welcome home Oliver and Nolan!


  6. What a precious first day home! Congratulations! Praying for more peaceful and smooth bonding moments!
    Welcome home!

  7. I love how your kids look so happy to have new siblings home! And I can tell everyone is in love with the baby!

  8. Nothing short of AMAZING! Welcome home.

  9. Congratulations to coming home safe and all! To me, its just a blessing to be able to see your coming home pictures and read this blog! What a wonderful family you have! Its amazing that you have raised your family with values and principles that are Godly and not wordly. Blessings to you! Christine, you and John have the rarest hearts of Gold!
    Nadia Bgatov

  10. Love seeing you all home together :)

  11. I LOVE the pictures of Oliver in the pool! I can tell he was enjoying it. The pictures of all of you together make me thank the Lord for bringing the new little guys into your family. Blessings!

  12. And these pictures make MY heart sing!! Its all so beautiful...and lovely :-)

  13. Adorable...all of them! :o)

  14. Absolutely stunning!!! Makes me want to join in the fun!!

    Hey- with all the love Oliver is getting, his muscle usage and tone is just going to increase so fast- he'll be developing at a bit faster pace, I bet you!! Great things from rolling over, to pullling up will happen sooner than you think!

    That picture of Nolan in Julia's arms just melts my heart!!

    This is just a fantastic story!

    Shauna n Texas.

  15. Oh, I love seeing all the kids together. It made me cry a little.

  16. THESE are the pics I have been dying to see!!! YAY! And honestly Christine, it looks like Nolan and Olvier have always been there!! Amazing! I can see in the faces of your kids that not only are they happy you are home but that they are already ion love with thier new siblings...Oh the face of Oliver in the pool!

    I am so happy for you....HUgs....

  17. Your family radiates the love of God. Thank YOU Reed family for allowing God to use you. Welcome HOME!

  18. Awesome!!! Love seeing you all together finally!!!

  19. Oh I LOVE IT!!! I bet they love love love having a baby and a toddler in the house! These pictures warmed my heart this morning!


  20. It looks like they are settling in quite nicely! And Dennis looks so grown up. Amazing. I love that Oliver loves swimming in the pool - none of our adopted children were comfortable with that, let alone baths for over a month!

  21. How fun to see them altogether!

  22. Great pictures of everyone together! Too funny about Nolan and the pool, what is it about little boys and swimming naked, mine can't keep their suits on either when our little pool comes out! How thoughtful of John to remember how much he enjoyed the little pool at the baby home. Welcome home!!

  23. They are so precious! I love all the pictures. I'm so glad they are fitting into your family so well--makes my eyes well up. Oliver looks so happy in the pool.

    Are you going to continue blogging on here? Or will you now switch back to Smiles and Trials?

  24. Welcome Home!!! Loved the pictures - it looks like they fit right in!

  25. So wonderful, gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes.

  26. How wonderful that these babies are so loved and cherished as they deserve! How wonderful that they can relax now and grow strong and healthy when their previous situation was treating them as throwaways! It's like heaven come to earth for them and for all of their siblings. What joy there is in your photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  27. I love your site!! What a great life you have. And what a blessing you are.

    I would be honored if you followed me this while I'm doing 31 Days to Fit (for moms like you and me..well, I'm a city girl, but we are still alot alike) on my blog:

  28. How exciting is this to come back to your blog and find out!!! Life has been so busy after the adoption of our twins (including some hospital visits :( so I haven't had a chance to check in....I was so surprised and happy to learn of yet another adoption. WOW! So thrilled for all of you! :-)

  29. So awesome! Glad you all made it home. I love Oliver's sweet smile in the pool photos.



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