Sunday, July 1, 2012

It is So Wonderful!

For the last few days my heart has been troubled.
For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was going on with Oliver.
He was spitting up all the time.
At first I thought it was the change in the food.
Then I thought he was sensitive to milk.
Then as someone suggested I was thinking it could be his nerves.
Poor little guy seemed okay but he was constantly spitting up bringing back memories of when our son Caleb was little.  He had horrible GERD and was actually hospitalized when he was one. We had to pack changes of clothes and a couple of spit up towels anytime we left the house.  It has been no different here the last few days.
That is when it dawned on me that Oliver probably has reflux.
That made sense.
So I began researching it to refresh myself on the topic.
Of course there are all sorts of medicine to treat reflux, but I wanted to try and help him now.  That is when I read that keeping your child in an upright postion so the spine is straight for at least 10 minutes immediately after eating could help.
At this point it was worth a try.
Normally he would be in a sitting position hunched over right after eating and then we would pick him up, maybe try and burp him, and then lay him down to play with him.  He would immediately begin spitting up and would do so until the next time he ate and then the cycle would repeat.  
I was ready to try something different. 
For dinner, we fed him cooked squash and mashed potatoes.  Afterwards I immediately had him sit on my lap as I held him in an upright position for 15 minutes.  And guess what-- he never spit up.  We even went out for a snack and not one drop of spit up.  When we came back I fed him a small bowl of baby cereal and held him the same way afterward.  And again-- no spit up.
But he did have some gas and passed semi-hard stool so I decided to give him a few ounces of warm water with a little bit of juice.  He drank it all, then I again held him in the upright position afterward and he never spit up.
And today his congestion has been much better too.  Hardly any mucous and the little bit that he did have was clear. 
Praise the Lord!
I think the problem is solved.  I sure hope so.

And how is Nolan doing?
He is doing great.  He is a jibber-jabber and can say Mama!  That is pretty much the only word we can understand.  When he has to go potty he either taps the front of his pants or the back depending on which he has to go.  By the time we get home, I think he will know what shoes are.  He listens to me pretty well-- Rachel not so much.  I think he realizes that I am the Mom and Rachel is just the sister.  :)

Bright and early tomorrow morning we are going to get the boys' medicals done.
Then we have our 2nd Embassy appointment.  Hopefully we will get their visas.

Sorry for not responding to some of your comments.  Blogger will not allow me to leave comments.  I just have to say thanks to Marcie who told me about a grocery store.  We went there today.

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement.



  1. Jasmine had reflux so bad we had to sit her upright in her car seat for 45 minutes when she was a newborn (That way she could go back to sleep but be upright). It lessened with time and was gone by 2.

  2. So glad you figured something out for Oliver;) Perhaps when you return home, you could find a substitute for milk~could be why he seems so congested, which is very common for a milk allergy. I am sure in no time, you will figure him out;)

  3. all my boys had terrible spit ups..right now we go through about 10 bibs a day....on top of that he is a serious sometimes a couple rompers...this is our 4 month old son...we feed him..sit him up and ..BLAH!!!! about 2 oz go flying...i had a sister in law who had her son go through all these invasive tests for spit up....nothing...being in the med profession i can say there is very little to substantiate true "GERD" in infants. Alot of babies spit up ALOT. I think breast fed babies do it less....all mine area adopted and i formula fed....funny baby girl didn't but all 3 boys did/do....lying down it wil just come up like a faucet down their necks..i am grateful that 4 month old is very strong and can lift head no problem and choses to sleep on stomach with bum in air...he rolls over himself so not a big worry for least i dont worry he will aspirate...he does however have gross formula on his face at times...i have yet to take him to a store..with my last son who is now 22 months I had hives the first time at a store since I wear them that he would throw up all over trader Joes floor...The Dr always said as long as gaining weight no problem....also the chabging of the formula is usually so unnecessary and just more anxiety..

    I am so glad simple measures have helped old is he?


  4. It's so nice that you did figure out and Oliver is doing much better. Praying for your paperwork and you. Can wait to see pictures with all the kids, and hear more stories. Thank you for thinking about us :)

  5. SO glad you figured out something to help Oliver and that you found the grocery store! Glad I could help!

  6. So glad you've figured out what was causing Oliver 's problems. He has to be feeling much better about it as well. Hope all goes well tomorrow!

  7. I am glad everything is working out for you, and I am sure you are excited to be on your way home soon! I am however disappointed that you asked if anyone wanted to email sasha and offer encouraging words and such, as I wanted to share things with him...then you never emailed anyone who said they wanted to with his contact information. I know you are busy there, very busy, but it was not nice to say one thing and then never follow through.

  8. What great news! What a relief. Isn't it great, too, when some common sense rule is all you need? I hate to say it, but I bet if you'd taken him to a doctor back home, you'd have come out with medicine of some sort. That always seems to be the way.

  9. Christine,
    Sitting him up after eating is one of the best things to do for him. if he start s spitting up again then incease the time to 30 minutes which is what most pedi Docs say to do.
    When you get home you can get MYlacon drops over the counter med to try and help him too. It worked wonders on my nephew and niece when they were little. I swear that stuff was miracle drug and is not hard on them either. I gave them more than what directions said too.

    Sheila (blogging Friend)
    I have to use anonymous because I cannot seem to sign into my account any more. Sorry about that!


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