Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just a Few More Trips to the Doctor

As part of our home study update, the kids all have to have medicals filled out.  Even though the doctor agreed to fill out forms for the kids that were seen 6 month ago, seven kids still needed check-ups.  Thirteen shots, five office visits in the last week, and a few follow-ups still to go, and I can close this chapter of the book.  I CAN'T WAIT.

I hope that John and I can get fingerprinted in the next few days.  Now if only the social worker would schedule her visit.  Patience Christine, I remind myself.  As I mentally have our timeline planned out. . . I pray that it is God's timing first.  Since we home school, the summer is the easiest time for us to travel- - Rachel and I that is.  Yup.  That is one of our answered prayers.  There was always this concern if we adopted again, who would stay with the children and how would John get that time away from work?  It seemed like an impossibility, and then poof, I learn that I can travel with John's consent as a married individual.  So. . . we are filling out our paperwork so that I can travel to Ukraine without John while he stays here with the children.  If it works out in the end that he can go, then he will.

Rachel is coming with me to keep me company and help bring back our two little boys.  For her sixteenth birthday, we promised to help make it possible for her to see Sasha (her boyfriend) this summer too.

Thank you for the most recent donations to bring home two little boys.  What a blessing you are to them, and to us for sharing in this commitment to make them orphans no more!


  1. Two boys! How exciting! And what a blessing that it will work for John to stay with the rest of the family!

  2. Congratulations on adopting again, I think that is fabulous! I would LOVE to adopt again. Thank you for picking two little boys, it always breaks my heart when I hear everyone wants little girls. Our Ethiopian son is such a blessing, I wish more adoptive families felt that way:( I will be praying for your family during this journey.


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