Thursday, January 12, 2012

Towel and Pot Holder Set

Just look at this beautiful towel and pot holder set!
Julia crocheted it!  I'm sure I am a little biased, but I think she is very talented.  The towel top is her very own design!
This set is the next thing we are auctioning off with proceeds going to help bring home two orphans.
Munchkin 1 is not even one years old yet and munchkin 2 is around three years old. 

Bidding will end on Sunday, January 15 at noon PST. 
Please leave a comment to place bid.
Does $20 sound like a reasonable beginning price?
Remember, all of the donations are an investment into the lives of two very precious children.
Thank you so much, and thank you Julia for making this set.


  1. Yay--More clues! :-) Going by RR's Available to Large Families, I'm guessing Doyle and Peyton. Congratulations!! :-D

  2. I came to the same conclusion as Priscilla! I also bid $25 for the towel and potholder set.

  3. Love Julia's design and the clues! Of course, I'm praying the baby is Fischer! And maybe Doyle? Two little ones are so gonna get loved on in your family!

  4. I'm guessing Fischer and Doyle, both from 31!

  5. "Rachel is coming with me to keep me company and help bring back our two little boys. "

    "Munchkin 1 is not even one years old yet and munchkin 2 is around three years old"

    So Peyton or Fischer for the infant. I'm going to guess Fischer.

    Then the boys Doyle & Presley are around 3. The others are 5 or older. Sooo based on Christine's adoption patterns from the past I will go with Doyle, because she & John step out there to adopt the children that others may not be as brave to adopt b/c of facial features.

  6. Fischer and Doyle, pretty positive! Oh ill be so excited if Doyle is among the "chosen". He is adorable and I think would be best buds with Denis!!!

  7. I am thinking Doyle and Fischer.

  8. Julia, I will bid $30. Praying the boys home soon.

  9. I know the auction is closed, however, there is a website called Ravelry: . I have not done this myself, but I think Julia could post her pattern, seeing that it is an original, and actually sell it. (and the money could go towards the adoption too, if she wants). It'd be the project that keeps on giving :-) I'd buy the pattern!
    MariaG (Canada)


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