Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Praises!

Praising God for another $65 donation! Thank you for your precious gift or gifts if it was numerous people!  
I recently got a wonderful email with new pictures of D from just a few months ago.  Isn't he the sweetest?  From the looks of it, he is going to fit right in. 
After seeing this picture of D on this toy car, we bought a similar one at the Goodwill store (only $4 can you believe it) for when he comes home.  I stashed it up in my closet or else Dennis would thrash it long before D got home.

Another interesting thing about this picture is the hat.
It looks very much like the hat we got for Dennis to wear when we first adopted him.

Lots has been happening behind the scenes.  I have sent off for copies of our marriage certificates.  I've been  working on the documents for our dossier.  And our SW emailed to tell us that she is making the last corrections on our home study.  We have another big praise too!  Our home school teacher has a friend who is a notary that has offered to do our notaries for free! 


  1. What precious treasures getting as many pictures as you can of your boys! Praying for your process and for witty ideas for fundraising!

  2. Look how little Dennis was! Ironic about your hat wearing boys! And I'm so happy to hear about the blessings on your road of this adoption.

  3. The Lord is so good!! Oh D is a gem, how precious he is!!! SO excited to follow your journey!

    Allison D.

  4. New pictures AND free notary services! Double blessings!

  5. He is so cute! I love how everything is falling into place for you guys! God is so very good!

  6. Awe. He's such a sweety!
    Are you still getting the other little boy too? Fischer? (forgive me if I spelled his name wrong)


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