Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Little Munchkins

Aren't these children adorable?  They all have something in common too.  None of these children have parents.  All of them need a family.  That's right.  Need.  I look at each of my children and see how each one fits into our family.  Each of these children do not have a place to call home, unless you call an orphanage a home.  Sure it is where they live, but they do not get the love and individual attention that they would get if they were in a family.  They are missing out on hugs and kisses, bedtime stories, bubbles in the bath, wagon rides, tickle time, blowing out candles. . . all the things childhood is supposed to be about. 

Hmmm, maybe two of these little munchkins have a family coming for them soon.   Lord willing.














  1. They are all adorable and whichever your not bringing home I would love a couple if you could bring them back in your luggage for me. Congrats on adding to your lovely family. Hugs Tammy

  2. I think you should get Reid (Reid Reed!), Charlie and Nolan : ) "Triplets"

  3. Any of them would be blessed to join your family. I want a couple too!!

  4. I think any of them would be a wonderful addition to your family. They are so sweet. Congrats on your future children.

  5. Oh, Fischer! I donated to his fund for Christmas. He caught my eye because Fischer is my maiden name! Can't wait to see who you're adopting!

  6. A baby this time? Oh my!! I'm so excited! With all those big kids around someone's gonna get a lot of lovin!

  7. I'm so glad to see someone advocating for Reid. I know your choice is hard. I love Reid and another older boy William who sadly has 0.00 dollars in his fund...soon to change! I so wanted to adopt Reid but it was before they were posting which kids were available to single parents. I was so crushed when I found he was not on the available to single parents list. So, crushed that I ended up not adopting through RR entirely and went with another agency who places special needs children but does not list photos or biographies, had several countries with single programs, and waited for a referral to shield my heart.

    I'm so glad RR now has an available to single list to help not get attached to adorable photos and narratives. And I'm so glad I can donate to the children who I have come to love regardless of where they find a home.

    I'm sure it is part of His plan for Reid and my son too, because I do now have a wonder son who has been home for 2 years, who I would never have known about if I had not been so crushed to 'lose' Reid. Reid at the time felt like my destiny, we have the some birthday!

    oh, if only he was available to singles I'd have snatched him right up and he'd be home now! Sorry this comment is more about me than your wonderful journey. I just love him so much and know nothing about him and I'm sure lots of you can understand that. Thank you for noticing Reid, and all the other children too who are waiting!

    yetta (who always forgets my google password while at work!)

  8. oh, so no Tamara then...

  9. congrats. when do you hope to go over?

  10. God Bless you ! How do you do it ??? I'm swamped
    With 3 kids !! I love all their sweet faces . Xo

  11. Christine, the wait is killing me!! lol Hmm Wonder if there are any clues on your fb... off to stalk I mean check haha ;)

  12. What beautiful children. That little Charlie really caught my eye. What a sweet, mischievous smile on his face.

  13. Christine - I hope you will answer this as I know you probably get a lot of comments! I've been reading your Smiles and Trials blog ever since you adopted Anna and Sveta and it's become almost like comfort food for me. Whenever I feel like the world has become too dark a place to bear, I read about the wonderful things that you and your husband have done for these children and it lights the way again.

    I've been reading this new one and I happened to click over to Reese's Rainbow to check things out, and I'm a little confused. What does it mean "transferred"? I confess to being woefully ignorant of how orphanages work.

    I don't have a blog but I would love it if you could drop me a line at my email address? it's justcloseby@gmail.com. I live in New Zealand :)

    Love to you and yours, and God bless you for making the world a better place to live in

  14. I love the "Cost of adoption" sentence...gonna quote you on FB tonight :).
    Blessings my friend, today and always!

  15. So... slightly inconsequential question but... how come they all have American names? I thought they were Ukrainian. And do they speak English or do you speak Ukrainian?


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