Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Prints are Great!

Thank you for the newest donations!  It is hard to explain the feeling "We are in this together"- - but I feel it nonetheless.  We may be the ones adopting, but you are very much a part of bringing them home.

Today I was fingerprinted.  It was the easiest and quickest experience yet.  Actually I was quite surprised when he told me how great my fingerprints were since I had always been told how bad they were.  I think I know who I will be going back to see when we are fingerprinted yet again for our dossier. :)

Our social worker is coming out this weekend.  Yay!


  1. It appears to me that Doyle and Fisher are from the same orphanage. That would be my vote. If I had to choose from the list of pictures. That would be my choice as well. So special!!

  2. Glad your printing was easy this time around! I'm curious... do you and John solely decide who is being added to your family, or do you ask for your other kids' thoughts and input? I know you pray about it, and make the final decision as a couple, but I'm just wondering if the rest of the kids have any say.


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