Friday, March 30, 2012

Be A Piece of the Puzzle

Doyle and Fischer will be coming home soon. With at least $16,000 of their ransom left to pay towards their adoption costs, we are inviting you to be a piece of the puzzle.
Let me introduce you to our next fundraiser.
We have painted up two picture frames-- one for each of the boys.  They have 18 puzzle pieces each.

Doyle's (8X10) Picture Frame
Fischer's (8X10) Picture Frame
With a $10 donation we will mail you a piece of either Doyle or Fishcer's puzzle to decorate however you want. You choose unless we run out of one of the boys' pieces.  Maybe you'll decide to do one for each!  Write your name so that we will have a permanent reminder that you were a piece of their puzzle.  Then you mail it back and we will glue the puzzle pieces on and add their picture once they are home.  If you would like us to decorate your piece for you-- we can do that too!  Once the frames are finished, I will of course take pictures and post them here.
(Here is an example of a decorated puzzle piece.)
Here are the girls painting the puzzle pieces.
They had fun. . .  and made a bit of a mess.
Please consider being a piece of the puzzle!  It would be awesome if every piece was spoken for!
A perfect opportunity to get your children directly involved in helping orphans.
If you choose to be a piece of the puzzle, please email me at and use the Chip In labeled Puzzle Piece Fundraiser.  All donations for this fundraiser are tax deductible. 
Thank you so much!


  1. i want to get a piece for each boy, but for some reason our paypal account was frozen (they said there was some suspicious activity and it was a precaution in case it was hacked). is there any other way i can do this? like mail a check/cash or something?

  2. I would like a piece for each boy, also.

  3. Hi!You are getting very created with fund raising.Good luck Pat

  4. I just got my auction stuff and your lovely cookbook. Dd is so excited about the cookbook too! ( the auction books are for her b-day, but I'm thinking she might actually like the cookbook moe. LOL. I really like how its full of family pictures. I look forward to going through it more closely and trying out your recpies:)


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