Thursday, March 29, 2012


Our dossier was submitted!
In the next week we should learn whether all of our documents are acceptable.
Hopefully we won't have to redo any of them.
If the SDA doesn't need us to redo anything, we will wait for a travel date-- usually a few weeks.
Usually families only get two weeks notice before traveling-- but we'll see.
John, Rachel, and I will travel and then John will come back after court.

We are incredibly thankful for all of you.
It is evident that your hearts have been stirred, and in turn you have been such an encouragement to us.
I mean that.   I didn't blog about all the ups and downs so far, but trust me there has been plenty.
The adoption process is full of them.  Delays, documents done wrong, circumstances out of my control, unexpected additional costs, fundraising flops-- the list can go on.
Yet-- for every down there has been an up-- times two.
Incredible.  Often I wondered-- "Did God just whisper to them?"
"He must have because their timing couldn't be more perfect."
Thank you for embracing these two little boys.  Thank you for making their ransom a big deal.  Thank you for acting on God's prompting. 
Adoption is such a big deal-- and you are all a part of it.
Two little boys' lives are about to be turned upside down in a most amazing way.
And our lives are about to be blessed by two little boys.
Not from anything we have done, but because we trust that the Lord is all about redemption.  Healing.  New life.  Grace.  He cares for orphans more than we do.

When we travel, I plan to bring you all along with us.
I will share every detail big and small.
Hope you don't mind. :)

 After talking with a few of the kids, we thought up a couple more fundraising ideas.
The one that sounds the funnest to the kids is this:

Pie Voting Fundraiser!
The way it works is people can buy votes for $3 each or $5 for 2 votes and they can vote for one of our family members that they want to see get pied in the face (can you say big mess?)  We would videotape the whole event and share it here.

Honestly, I am going out on a limb doubting that this could actually be a good fundraiser, but I told a friend I would throw the idea out there.  The money raised would go towards plane tickets for traveling-- which will be in about a month.
Please leave a comment if you would like to participate in this fundraiser.

If not-- we still have plenty of window decal stickers left and 5 cookbooks. :)
Also, I will be posting a new tote bag!


  1. Yay for progress! Will Rachel be able to see Sasha?

  2. I love the pie idea. Maybe each vote can have two parts to it -- who gets the pie and who does the act. :p

  3. Hope the rest is smooth sailing. Seriously, I have five adopted kids and for three of them I had a three year+ wait. So yours seems incredibly fast to me.

  4. Congratulations on getting submitted! We'll be praying that the SDA accepts the dossier as is. Praise the Lord!

  5. I would like to buy 4 votes for $10, if that's agreeable. I want my votes to go to Adam. And if you decided on voting who will pie him, I will vote for Sveta.

  6. I tried to post earlier, but it's not here. Anyway, I like the pie in the face idea! I will donate $10 for 4 votes for Adam. If we get to vote for the one who does the deed, I vote for Sveta. This sounds like fun!


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