Friday, March 16, 2012

He Has Never Failed Us

Earlier in the week I received an email from our immigration officer that said our I-600A approval would be going out at the end of the week.  I assume that was today!  Hopefully we will receive it in the next few days!  That would so awesome!

Thank you for everything.  Each of you have been so supportive in your own little way.  It means so much.  The emails saying that you are praying for us-- thank you!  The offers to send baby clothes-- some all the way from Australia-- wow-- thank you!  An encouraging note in the mail with a Starbucks card-- so unexpected!  A $10 donation-- totally noticed!

Each day brings us closer to our boys, and though new challenges arise, we are keeping our eyes fixed on Him and Doyle and Fischer.  Traveling is going to be hard for John depending on when it is and most likely he will be taking some unpaid time off-- but we are trusting that the Lord will work out these small details.  If I look at the challenges and nothing else they seem like such a large mountain in front of us, but if I look at the bigger picture and count our blessings this far, I can see that God has never failed us yet.  He already has this figured out and I can't wait to share with you as it unfolds.

His plans include teaching us to rest in Him, not to worry, but to trust that He can do the impossible.  Everyday I am learning of this peace-- and trust me, it is not easy.  I think I am a worrier by nature, and I constantly have to give things to the Lord.  Of course I take them back a few times, but when I finally realize that I am not equipped to figure everything out, I finally give them to God once and for all.  His timing is not my timing.  His ways surpass understanding.  He multiplies our love, our offerings, and our fruits.

His love for Doyle and Fischer is greater than I can imagine.

I am so thankful for all of you who He has placed in our lives to help these two precious boys come home.

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  1. Hi!You really rock with the Lord He guides you in all directions and you follow no questioning just trusting Him all the way I hope your boys come home soon. Pat


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