Monday, March 12, 2012

His Timing

Even though we are so close to having all of our paperwork completed, it seems so far away.  We are waiting on one little piece of paper-- that last one-- the most important one-- and I have no idea when it will come.  It is hard to be patient thinking that our file can just be sitting on someone's desk waiting to be approved.  This part of the adoption process is so not fun.  Waiting in anticipation, knowing that it will come any day can drive a person insane! :)

Dennis asks about Doyle and Fischer all the time.  It is so sweet.  Too bad we are going to confuse him when we start calling them by their real names.  Anyone have any guesses?   Julia remarked how crazy bath time will be with four boys in the tub!  Yes, it will be double the trouble!

I went out and bought a huge box of diapers the other day-- size three.  How little!  It has been two years since Dennis wore that size.  I wonder if they will even fit Fischer.  Both the boys look very healthy compared to Dennis when we first got him, if they end up being smaller we'll have the diapers for them to grow into.

20 cookbooks have been ordered in all so far!  At $25 each after printing, binding, and shipping costs, that makes $400 raised towards Doyle and Fischer's ransom!  I am so thankful for everyone who continues to join us in this journey.  It is such a blessing that you have chosen to help bring them home.  Since we are doing this together, I promise to share as much of the journey as I can with you-- especially when we travel.

Blessings to all of you.  Hope you have a great week!  Stay well-- because I know that the flu is going around and it is no fun!


  1. I was going to ask if you were keeping their names. When we adopted our first 2, we changed their name per their request (they were older). With our youngest.....we left his African name for his middle name and gave him a new first name. Praying for your "one piece of paper" to come soon. I know how trying that can be.

  2. Any hints on the names? Are you going to anglicize them like the other boys or retain their Russian pronounciation like the girls?

  3. I received my blanket today. Thanks again, Nicole :)


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