Friday, March 9, 2012

You Guys Rock!

Praising the Lord!
12 cookbooks have been ordered!
4 more window sticker decals have been ordered too!
Thank you so much!
I think I have emailed all of you-- just waiting to her back from you.  If I didn't email you, please email me again.
I have been sick the last few days so I didn't get a chance to work on the cookbooks, but now that I am feeling better my goal is to get them out on Monday.
As for all the silent auction items-- I am working on those too.
If you ordered a cookbook in addition to winning silent auction items, I will be mailing those out together.

As for the adoption-- I emailed immigration after we were fingerprinted and they got back to me earlier this week.  It was actually our officer that got back to me which obviously means we have been assigned one!  This is normally a step that takes a few weeks so I am pleased with our progress.  She said she is processing our application as quickly as she can.  Let's pray for next week!

I am slowly gathering and buying clothes and baby items.  As Dennis got bigger we got rid of everything baby so we have nothing. Starting from scratch... again.  Oh my.  But I am not worried.  We had nothing when we committed to adopting Dennis and yet somehow we had everything we needed for him.
I am so in awe of the Lord's provision for this adoption.
Your desire to partner with us continues to humble and amaze me.
Thank you so much! 


  1. Christine, email me what sizes you need for the boys and I will get a box together to send you. I would love my boys' gently used hand-me-downs to go to your sons. And if you didn't leave across the country, I could give you lots of other baby stuff! Blessings!

  2. I Am actually in the process of getting rid of baby items we still have, so I'll be happy to forward stuff to you too.

  3. HI!Put the word out at your church you are looking for baby items. I am sure many people would be glad to give items to people they know instead of just donating the items to the Goodwill.Good luck on your journeyPat


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