Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just needed a reminder how our two little cuties looked.  I can't get over how much Doyle reminds me of Dennis.  He looks so sad in this picture-- I think he needs a great big hug!
Oh and how I wish we had an updated picture of Fischer.
This picture was taken when he was just a few months old-- soon he will be one!  Still he looks absolutely squeezable!
We are coming for you boys!  Soon. . .  we will be together.  
Sorry, but Dennis says you aren't old enough to sleep on the top bunk yet-- so don't even ask. ;)
Thank you to Debbie for the winning bid of $40 on the Mushroom and Caterpillar Tote Bag.  
And another huge blessing-- 5 pairs of earrings have been ordered!
I stand in awe of our Lord and Savior.  
He is so amazing the way he works through all of you.
After learning that we would have another $100 cost to Fed Ex a document (my mistake), four people emailed me about ordering earrings.
BTW, I already mailed off the document and our facilitator is shooting for this Thursday to submit our dossier.  Praise God!
Feeling incredibly blessed.
So excited that you are all on this journey with us.


  1. Aww! They are both so cute! I am so interested in seeing how life is gonna be for all of you with a baby in the house! :)

  2. Oooohhhh my goodness - so exciting!!!! What handsome boys!!! Doyle is growing up so much! You're right, he does look like Dennis!

    Allison D.

  3. Such cuties!!!

    Any chance you could make a bag with strawberries on it???? Our daughter's birth name means strawberry and would love a bag with them.

    Or ladybugs!!!

  4. So excited that you are getting closer and closer to going for the boys!!!! Can't wait to see them in your arms.

  5. Hi! Do you still have any of the window decals with James 1:27?? If so, I would love one, just tell me how to order one. Thanks! And your boys are PRECIOUS!

  6. That dear little boy.....don't you just want to kiss those little hands and feet?


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