Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ugh-- My Bad

So. . . our dossier made it to our facilitator yesterday.
Great.  Phew. . .  I can rest.

He emailed me this morning that I forgot one document.
Sure enough I am holding it in my hand.
So, I am off to Fed Ex again.
Lovely.  Fed Ex is not cheap.
At least I can swing by the store to pickup unsweetened chocolate to make Mississippi Mud pie since I will be out.   This week we are learning all about the 
Mississippi River and the book has a recipe for the pie.  
Go chocolate!
Finally-- an order for Spring earrings!
Praise the Lord!
Thank you so much Sue for being an encouragement today.
Just a reminder--
In just a few hours, the bidding for the caterpillar tote bag will be over.
I know of some parents really struggling with their children today.
Parenting is the most important job out there-- and often times the hardest.
Please keep them in your prayers.

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  1. Hi Christine, I am not sure how to bid and I have tried to leave comments before and it was impossible - so I am trying now again. I would like to bid $40 for the bag and order a set of the adorable spring earrings. My email is debjimhayes@yahoo.com - lets hope this goies through!


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