Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hi everyone!  As you know we are so close to getting our confirmed travel dates.  We might even know sometime tomorrow!   You can say we are very excited!

As I was going through the finances of our adoption the other day, I couldn't believe how close we are to being fully funded.  John and I have saved $15,000 and we have generously been given and raised around $14,000.  But with current totals of what we have already spent, and what we need to still spend, we still have $2,000 left to come up with.

All I could think to do was pray.

Lord, I put this in your hands.  You are far more capable of doing this than I am.  I am not a fundraiser by nature.  It is You who has gotten us this far.  Lord, please open a door to provide the remaining ransom needed to bring our boys home.  Oh how you love these boys more than we do, so Lord I ask that you show yourself in a mighty way as we prepare to travel.  Amen.

And I prayed again and again and again.
And I waited.

And then guess what?
I got an email.  Out of the blue.
A matching grant.

An answer to prayer.

That's right friends!
We have been offered a matching grant up to $800 to help push us over the top so that we can be fully funded!  Oh how the Lord is so faithful.  Thank you Lord.

But there is a catch.  The matching grant is just that.  The donors will match dollar for dollar that is donated up to $800.  And it doesn't start till tomorrow 5pm PST/ 8pm EST.  The matching donors will match anything that is donated within the 24 hour period that this fundraiser is going to run.  All donations will be tax deductible.

How amazing is that?  I am still in awe of how creative our Lord is.  Talk about multiplying our love offerings.  This matching grant is just that.  Every dollar donated will be doubled.

Praise God.
And please pray with us that the hearts of others are stirred to join us in raising the rest of Doyle and Fischer's ransom with one last push that starts tomorrow!


  1. Wow, what a blessing! I will be anxiously awaiting 8pm our time today!

  2. Christine,
    So exactly when are the 24 hours?


  3. Where do you donate so it will be matched?


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