Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Few Opportunities

Tonight my hope rests in the Lord. My hope is that Doyle and Fischer have been fed. . . changed. . . loved on. . . played with. . . hugged. . . taken care of. . . rocked. . . smiled at. . .read to. . . bathed. . . and tucked in.  But honestly, the chance of that being the case is close to none because they are still orphans.
Orphans simply do not have the pleasure of having their needs met when they live in an orphanage.  Basic needs, well maybe.  But not the emotional, intimate needs that nurture a child.  And oh how I yearn to be there for these two precious boys that God willing, I will get to call my sons.

Each day we are one day closer to seeing their faces.  Soon sweet boys. . . soon.

Recently I began researching Doyle's special needs.  I think he has Ectrodactyly.  Actually I think he has Ectrodactyly-Cleft Palate (ECP) syndrome-- but I'll have a doctor officially diagnose him once he is home.  Not that it matters, or we are any less committed-- I just want to be educated.  As I researched more, I found that Bree Walker and Russian chess champion Mikhail Tal have the same thing.  I learned that people with this condition have full use of their digits and adapt well to everyday activities.

From the pictures I have seen and the stories I have heard, Doyle doesn't seem to let it slow him down!
Thank you again for your prayers and generosity.  Your partnership in seeing the boys home has been a huge blessing in this adoption.

There are still a few opportunities to be a part of raising the rest of the boys' ransom.  I wanted to share them with you one last time.

I still have 8 more cookbooks available. 
They are a compilation of our favorite, most used recipes.  Some of the recipes need to be doubled or tripled to feed a family our size and some of the recipes feed an army!
Get one for $25. 

I preordered/prepaid for 80 decals.  I have just 35 decals left.  I am sold out of the James 1:27 but I have these three still available.  Each one is $20.




Next we still have big Spring earrings on sale for $12 a pair.  They are so cute!

Lastly, we have our puzzle frame fundraiser.  There are 18 pieces for each frame--  36 pieces in all.  There is one frame for each of the boys.  10 pieces have been spoken for so far.  I am very thankful to those who bought a piece to decorate but we still have 26 left.  These frames will be specially made with the decorated puzzle pieces with each of your names on it.  With a $10 donation, I will mail you a puzzle piece for you to decorate any way you like, sign, and mail back.  Or I can decorate for you.

Leave a comment or email me at
Blessings to you all!

And please continue to pray for Tamara.  It would be awesome to see a family commit to her.


  1. Hi Christine, I'd love to decorate a puzzle piece for each boy. I will e-mail you separately as well.

  2. The cookbook is GREAT! ... I think anyone who buys one will be thrilled!
    Christine ... I do not remember seeing decal A. It appeals to me and I will donate now for it:)
    MariaG (Canada)

  3. ''Just want to suggest posting something linking to this site on "Smiles and Trials". I came here via another blog then it turned out to be a bit of a challenge coming back to this site after accidentally navigating away from it.

    1. What a great idea Maria. I just added this blog to the blog list on Smiles and Trials.

  4. Jasmine has EEC syndrome. So I bet we have some similarities. Her right hand is not affected but the left hand and both feet are. She had club foot, hole in the skull, webbed neck (just realized the second surgery failed so we are leaving that alone--too painful), & cleft lip and palate. She now has arthritis in one toe which lays totally sideways across the top of her foot. But it's all workable and she's never known any differences so she copes. In fact, most of the time she thrives.

  5. If you still have cookbooks-we'd love a Reed treasure! Will send money through chip-in


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