Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dennis and A Dream

It's getting close.  We should be hearing something from our facilitator in the next week. . . maybe sooner.  
Two nights ago I dreamt of meeting Fischer.  It was one of my classic dreams meaning-- it was weird!  I am in country, by myself. . .  I forgot my video camera.  I am sitting on a couch with the director and doctor.  Out walks a caretaker holding a big baby.  A very big baby the size of Dennis I might add.  I try to look on in anticipation of my little Fischer but she walks right up to me and plops the baby down on my lap.  I can barely stand the weight of him on my lap-- he is so big.  He reaches up to touch my face as I look into his eyes.  He has strawberry colored freckles covering his face.
I wonder how I am going to carry my very big boy home.
The end.

Great dream, huh?
At breakfast today Dennis asked grumpily, "So when are _________ and _________ coming home?  Please go get them today.  I want them to come home."
I could tell his little heart and brain are working overtime as he wraps the thought of him having two little brothers.  He has memorized their names, tells me which clothes will be theirs, where they will sleep, and that they can have his carseat.

He asks anxiously everyday-- disappointed to hear me say not for a few more weeks.
Oh precious Lord,  be with our babies today.  Be with all the babies and all the sweet children who need the love and support of a family.  Lord I ask that you open the floodgates of your grace and mercy so that  these children do not have to suffer.  Like a wilting flower, I ask that you lay on the hearts of each of us to reach out with a willing hand to water them with hope, love, nutrition, and stimulation.

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  1. I'm a "weird" dreamer, too. But I think it's sort of fun! Glad you're getting closer to bringing the boys home!


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