Sunday, April 15, 2012

Changing Things Up!

Three different families have emailed me about Tamara.  I am so excited to see the hearts of others stirred for this precious child of God.  Having met her a few years back-- I never could forget her sweet face.  I so want to see her adopted that I am changing things up a bit.  

Originally the auction for the Ocean Scene Tote bag was supposed to end in a few minutes but I am going to extend the bidding till 8 pm PST tonight.  I would like for all the money from the highest bidder for this bag to go to Tamara's grant fund.  She needs it more than we do.  In addition to that money, I would like to match whatever is donated.

God's love for us has been overflowing and faithful that I would like to pass on that love to Tamara and her future family.  

Please consider bidding!  


  1. I don't have the funds to bid at this time, but Tamara is in my prayers still (as is your family) and I sincerely hope a family chooses her soon. :)

  2. I am sorry I missed the extended bidding, but you've inspired me to donate to Tamara's fund.

  3. Been praying for her. She's an adorable little girl.


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