Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Other Amazing Families

There are so many amazing stories out there!  I am blessed to be able to get a glimpse into these families lives via their blog.  Some are in the process of adopting and can sure use a word of encouragement or two.  If you can spare $5, you can be a part of yet another orphan coming home.  Imagine that!  Just a few dollars and your heart can soar knowing that you made a huge difference in the life of an orphan.
Others are already home with their children-- and their daily lives are a testimony to the power of Christ.

Here are the links.

Catherine's blog about Victoria and Francesca-- Love this family!

Valentin's family-- They are in Ukraine right now and have a very similar blog name. :)

Mandy's blog-- Is in the process of adopting and has amazing party ideas!  And just got a travel date!

What it Means to Love-- This young lady has a heart for Jesus and orphans.

Adopting Josie-- Oh my is she a cutie!

The Johnson Family-- They live near us!

Check back soon!  God has answered a prayer!  We are so close....

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  1. I have found myself teary reading about Katie.


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