Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church in a Chinese Restaurant

Last night we met up with the Ferdons. They are a missionary family from America living right down the street from where we are staying.  Forrest, the Dad took us on a walking tour of the city center before we headed back to their apartment for coffee and sweets.  His wife Darcy and their three children were there.  All of them adopted from Ukraine.
They invited us to church in the morning.

At 9:30 in the morning we walked to Hotel Lugansk where the church meets on the 7th floor in a Chinese restaurant.
Here is Rachel waiting for church to begin.  It was wonderful to attend church for the first time in Ukraine.  The service was translated for us.  

Matthew 11:29-30

 "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

 The message spoke to me today.  We could not do this without God, but with Him we are able because His burden is light.

The service lasted 2 hours which is customary here.  Afterwards, we stayed for lunch.
Here we are with the Ferdon family having Chines food in Ukraine.  It was not only affordable but very good too.  I think we will be back sometime during our stay. :)

After lunch I wanted to head out to the open market to buy a few basic necessities like dish soap, clothes soap, and a broom.  It was a scavenger hunt in the open market, but it was fun.  John also bought a pair of flip flops from a Paskistani gentleman who he struck up a conversation with. His other pair broke back in Kiev.  Anyway, the guy from Pakistan asked us what was the first thing we thought of when we hear Pakistan.  He was certain that we would think terrorist.  I thought middle east.  How do you answer such a statement?  I simply said that I know there are good and bad people from everywhere and so I don't automatically assume one whole country is bad.  I wondered why he was living here and selling shoes rather than living in his home country.  Turns out, he married a Ukrainian.
Here is John walking back to our apartment with Rachel following.
As soon as we got home, I swept the floor and it made all the difference.  I don't know about you,but I can't stand a dirty floor and this apartment has nothing as far as cleaning supplies, not even a sponge (which I brought from home) or dish soap.  After the floor was swept and the dishes were done by Rachel, the apartment felt more like home.  Right now, John took Rachel out to the park where American music is blasting.  When they come back in two hours, we will head out for our evening grocery trip.

Tomorrow is the big day!  We will get to meet our boys!  We are very excited to say the least.  We found out at our SDA appointment that they have both been in the baby house since birth.  God willing, that is about to change!

P.S.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


  1. I hope your first meeting is joy-filled! You only get to meet them for the first time once.

  2. When I hear Pakistan I think towels. A surprising number of textiles are made there!

    Question - Are both boys at the same baby home? Wishing you a wonderful first meeting!

  3. So exciting Christine!!! Can't wait to read all about your day tomorrow!


  4. I have so enjoyed following you on your trip, Christine. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you.

  5. Thank you for all of your updates :) I am really enjoying following your journey. Just one more day!!!! Can't wait until I read your post about meeting your boys!!!!!!!

  6. =) Awesome update. Thanks for making my day brighter. Prayers that tomorrow is all you prayed for and more. For Christ, Elaine

  7. I'm so enjoying experiencing this trip with you! When I think of Pakistan I think of a roommate my brother had in college who was from Pakistan. He was the most polite and kind person--he spent time in our home on several occasions.

  8. hey guys!!!
    you all look like you are having a good time!! Cant wait to see you at home!!

  9. : ) Sounds like you're "nesting" in the apartment. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, as you meet the boys!

    Just so you know, the cookbook arrived safe and sound. Thanks!

  10. Cant wait to hear about your first visit with boys and see pictures! In our first apartment we couldn't find a broom too. Hope you move to a better place tomorrow.

  11. Wow, what a great time you seem to be having! So glad it is all going well. Can't wait to see the boys. So glad it is one more day and you can start to get to know them. I'm making a list from your posts and noting that when we travel I shall take forks, cleaning rag and soap:-) Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  12. We once ate at a Chinese restaurant in Kiev. The food was decent, but the menu translations were hilarious. My favorite option was squirrel-fish! I'm glad you've got local Believers to fellowship with there!

    Tomorrow should be so exciting! I can't wait for pictures!

  13. I am praying things go smoothly tomorrow. I have prayed all day. I cannot wait for tomorrow for you....when you get few questions... Does that mean you get to bring them to the apt tomorrow?

    How long do you have to stay in the Ukraine? I remember you saying you were reading to Dennis for the last time for a MONTH! Do you really have to stay a month????? I will never complain about the "up to 2 week stay" when we domestically have adopted again...

    I wondered if you found your sons through Reeces Rainbow?

    Again I am sorry you have told this story a million times I am sure..just trying to catch up!

    I feel like it's Christmas for your family and your boys tomorrow.
    Do they know about you guys and the family..or do families just show up one day as not to disappoint them? Just curious.

    Prayers. Get sleep!

    Liz D

  14. I so enjoy your updates! We adopted from UA in 2002, your pictures and experiences bring back so many memories. :-) Blessings to you on your journey! Elaine from OH

  15. How long do you plan on being in country?

  16. It really is a small world. I too know Forrest & Darcy! We met 5 years ago when we were adopting for the first time. They were doing their DTS at YWAM Keiv. Good friends of ours were YWAMers too and we stayed near them in Kiev for the last part of our process. They visited our apartment, brought us a backpack of toys their children generously donated, and home made banana bread. We still have the Winnie the Pooh backpack, and will never forget their kindness.
    Blessings & prayers!

  17. The wait is driving me nuts! I can only imagine how excited you guys must be. It sounds like such an adventure staying there and I'm so glad Rachel can be there with you to enjoy it.

    I'll be checking constantly for updates tomorrow, lol.

  18. Yes, I agree the waiting is driving me batty!!!! Cannot wait to see the pics with your boys in your arms and hear firsthand how it was......I am so excited fro you all!!
    Hugs! XXOO Rita/Gina


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