Sunday, May 27, 2012

Too Excited to Sleep

Today is the day.  In just a few hours we will be looking into the eyes of our two little boys.  Thank you sweet Jesus for blessing us with this day.

Last night I went to bed with a horrible headache.  Even Tylenol would not help it.   I decided to pray without ceasing until it stopped and it did as I drifted off to sleep.  I am so thankful.

We are emailing with the kids many times a day.  It makes our being away just a little bit easier.  Thanks to my Mom, my Aunt, and the friends we have made through church for being their for our kids.  I'm sure it is not always easy.  One bit of advice-- remember they are kids!  :)

I brought John's asthma medicine with us-- just in case.  He rarely needs it, but I didn't want to be caught without it.  Unfortunately when he bent over, it sprayed all out into his pocket.  With the bad air quality and higher humidity, he was in need of a puff.  Our friend Forrest took us to an azteka which is a pharmacy where John was able to buy a new inhaler for $2.  How cool is that?  Our co-pay alone is way more than that.

As I sit here thinking of things to share, I wonder what I should and should not leave out.

Here are a few more tidbits about our journey.

~ Our little boy we are meeting today has or had a clogged tear duct.  We thought it was funny that it was mentioned in his file.

~ Our sink literally burps and then gurgles every hour.  Nice.

~ We got the hot water figured out, sort off.  Thankfully we are moving to a bigger apartment today where I can hopefully start cooking.  Rachel is asking for homemade food. 

~ We will hopefully be meeting up with another missionary family while we are here.

~ Either the food keeps getting better and better here or I am not afraid to venture out and try new things as much as I used to be.  Thankfully we are doing a lot of walking.


  1. So excited for this special day!! Can't wait to see your first meeting videos. I've loved seeing those in the past!

  2. I am excited for you!!! Lots of pictures please! :-)))))

  3. SO excited for you!!!! Can't wait to see you with your boys!!!!!

  4. Thank you for updating. We are loving feeling like we are there with you. Too bad the food is so good, I was hoping to lose a few pounds while there! Praying.

  5. OMIGOSH....OMIGOSH.....

    Very sxcited to hear your next update...HOw is Sasha???

  6. So so happy for you!! They are just precious!!! And you all look so happy together!


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