Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It Was An Awesome Day

Today we took the marshootka (bus) to the baby house. Our friend came with us to show us the right buses to get on there and back. My arms got quite the workout holding onto the upper bar while the bus crazily made turns. Just in case you are wondering, there is no maximum capacity on the bus. They just let people continue to squeeze in until your armpit is in someone elses face and vice versa.   "How do they say it?  Fooh!"

We got to the baby house and were given "baheely" which are shoe covers.  Our missionary friend already knew that they would do that so he brought a pair of house slippers to change into.

We went into the playroom to wait for them to bring our boys.

Immediately our big boy recognized us and couldn't wait to see what we brought in the bag to play with.
Since we were a little early, one of the caretakers brought in his snack for us to feed him.  It was warm milk and a sweet roll.  John had the pleasure of helping our big boy drink his warm milk.  Big Boy kept getting up to come over to us to see what we were doing.  John would take his roll out of his hand and set it back on the table as he told him to eat at the table.  Big Boy is very smart, and when he was nearly finished and had run away with his roll in his hand yet again and saw John coming to take him back to the table, Big Boy quickly shoved the rest of the roll in his mouth to show that he was done.
Little One is so content.  He allowed me to hold and snuggle him as long as I wanted.
He loved Rachel snuggling with him too.
Little One is precious.  At this time he has very little core strength but we can already see that he is trying to sit up more.  When I tried to get him to bear some weight on his legs he could not at first.  By the end of our visit today he was kicking and showing strength.   He is so sweet, loving, and cuddly that all we wanted to do was snuggle with him.  He was content doing this but also wanted to make eye contact and play with my necklace.  He drools a lot and loves to suck on his fingers.  If he sees a toy, he always reaches for it.  Note to self: Buy teething ring, pacifier, and rattle. :)
By the end of our visit today I actually heard Little One coo.  It was priceless.
Big Boy already adores his Daddy.
Safe in Mama's arms.
Big Boy giggles more than any boy on the planet.  Seriously, he is the happiest boy on earth!  Did I mention that he has a mischievous bone too?  He loves to be a little feisty in a playful way, but when our tone becomes serious he listens very well.
Rachel and Big Boy bonding.
Gosh, I love this boy.
He is very smart.  He took all these rings off and put them back on.  He did a pretty good job if you ask me.
In an attempt to calm our Big Boy down, John put him on his shoulders so he had nowhere to run.  Surprisingly, it worked.
Our Big Boy loved the walk on Daddy's shoulders back to his groupa. 
He melts my heart in this picture-- so proud looking.
When the caretaker went to take our Big Boy back, he began to cry.  It broke our hearts.  I am so thankful that they told him we would be back.  I kissed him and whispered into his ear that I love him.  He smiled as they got him to blow kisses to us as we left.
Dropping off our Little One was much easier as far as crying goes.  I was asked to take him over to the big playpen where 5 or 6 other very small children from his groupa were.  The playpen had a wood bottom with a blanket laid over the top.  It was so hard to leave our little boy there.
It was so hard seeing all the other babies there too.  We wanted to pick each of them up to give them a big hug, but instead I made a few of them cry with my big smile and American "hello".
I felt bad.  Maybe tomorrow might be better.

Since we hardly spent any money on breakfast or lunch today, we went back to the Chinese restaurant for dinner.  Once again, it was very good (and only $25 for drinks, dinner, and tip).
Tomorrow we are supposed to change apartments.   I hope so.
Our documents will be in Kiev tomorrow.  Please pray that things continue on the pace they are on.  As things stand right now, we could be having court mid next week.  That would be awesome!

Blessings to you all and hope you are having a great week!


  1. Thanks for the updates. Great pictures!

  2. You all look so happy. Sasha is very handsome.

    Kimberley mccollum

  3. What a change in just one day, to see you together has brought tears of joy to my eyes and happiness in my heart.

  4. The boys look very sweet. I am sure it is so hard to leave them but hopefully that won't be for too long. We are praying for you and your family.

  5. The boys are so adorable. They will blossom with you as their parents! Miracles happen when love is given, it is shown so well with our children. They will develop in leaps and bounds.

  6. Love following this story. I have so many questions and am so curious about the process. Do they speak English? Like do they understand you guys? The place they are living looks nice, is it? Rachel looks beautiful in the pic! We are praying for you guys! & Plan to stop by and say hi to the kids this week:)

  7. That is the cutest picture with him up on John's shoulders! He looks like he has won the best of prizes. :)

  8. They are so adorable, both of them! And while it's sad that your Big Boy cried, it's a good sign, no? I see Sasha went with you! What did he think of the boys?

  9. Loving the updates, keep 'em coming. That is one BIG little boy! I have a feeling he doesn't miss many meals! So glad you are doing so well. Hoping a new apartment is found soon and that paperwork keeps on moving along. Praying.

  10. Will Sasha ever ever make it to America focus it the whole family? I think it's great y'all get to keep in touch with him. How old is he now? Congrats on your new boys!!!

  11. I cannot get over how CUTE they are.... Oh man. I am so jealous. It looks like you got some seriously awesome cuddles.

  12. Love the pics of Big Boy today! Court next week would be awesome. We'll be praying!

    How are things going with Sasha and Rachel? Is their dynamic much different in-person?

  13. They look so adorable :) I love to see the way they are already happily interacting with you! Thank you Jesus!

  14. You are right; the photo of Big Boy on his daddy's shoulders is the dearest thing I've seen in a long time.

  15. My heart is about to explode with the amount of joy I feel for you and John. I am so thrilled for all of your family. These boys are going to get so much love and fit in perfectly!! I love love love that expression your "big boy" has on his face when John has him up on his shoulders!! He is so proud....priceless picture!! Keep up the pictures- I'm enjoying every one of them!!!......Susan

  16. These are such wonderful pictures!! Everyone looks so happy. Cant wait to hear the boys' names. Looks like they are both a perfect fit to your family.

  17. So happy for you. Those boys are so blessed to have you both.

  18. 4th pic from the top just melts my heart. You both look so happy, like you've known each other forever :)

  19. Oh Christine pick up an extra little One and bring him home to me :) Awesome day for you!!

  20. Aren't your boys just the cutest!! I love how happy you all look in all these photos. That first photo of Rachel with your Little One is so sweet! Lovely to see Sasha again as well! Thanks for letting us all follow along with you :)

  21. Oh. My. Goodness! What cuties they are. And I absolutely love that picture of you holding Big Boy. So beautiful.

  22. OH Christine...You can already see that the kids are really bonding and big boy crying when he had to leave is such a telling moment...I love seeing the pics and hearing you tell about every moment....HOnestly from the frist foto it was like I seeing the Smiles and Trials blog rather then a blog where you are in Ukraine....its like they fit into to your family immediately ya know?

    And yes lil one is not so little!!!!!

    COntinue to enjoy them as they are you and I pray things speed up and before you know it you will be on a plane home with your 2 boys!


  23. Sounds like you are all doing some great bonding!!! Love, love, love the pic of Big boy on John's shoulders!!!! And I'm sure Little guy will have plenty of arms waiting to snuggle him when he gets home!

  24. Hi,
    I keep checking your other blog almost daily and was so happy to find out that you are writing updates on this one. Just read what I hadn't yet read of your trip and I'm so happy things are working out so well for you! The boys are just precious! You may have answered these questions but do they have special needs? Your little one reminds me of the boy with Down Syndrome I nannied for for years and still see all the time.
    Another thing I was wondering: Do your children still speak the language of the country they were adopted from or do the ones who were adopted at an early age have problems with that?
    Anyway... Wishing you lots of luck and fun on your trip!

  25. "Little Boy" ain't so Little!!

    I see a football player in the future!!
    ......or wrestler!

    What you are doing is a wonderful thing. They will have a good home!

    Please remember to have fun!!!

    Jennifer Duzmanovich
    Yucaipa, CA

  26. I am so excited for you and praying that everything goes smoothly! The boys are ADORABLE and I know you are having a great time. That is Sasha in the last picture, correct?

  27. The boys are darling!! You guys all look so happy! Enjoy your time in the country!!!


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