Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Holidays

I guess May is a slow month for Ukraine.  They have many holidays going on.  It sounds like the month is one big, long continuous holiday.  Big sigh.  That of course means delays.  
Now the question is, How long of a delay?  
A few days?
A week?
Two weeks?
How much longer do Doyle and Fischer have to wait?
How much longer till we see their sweet faces?
The wait is so hard.
Yes I have lots to keep me busy.
My husband.  My children.  Homeschooling.
But it is hard to be patient when two little boys who are supposed to be here, are not.
Please.  Let's pray them home.


  1. Ah, yes...the May holidays. We were there in Russia from April 15 - May 16 and lived the holidays. Atleast we were there visiting each day during the long "10-day" (more like > 2 weeks) wait.

    But, everything is perfect in His time, right? Hang tight -- we're awaiting the good news you're on your way to see the boys!


  2. Hi! In the Ukraine everything moves in Ukraine time. When the time is right your miracles will happen. Pat


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