Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Many Blessings

Pinch me.  It still seems so unreal that in just a few days we will be on a plane heading to Ukraine.  The thought of meeting our two little boys is something I am looking very forward to.  A little each day we prepare for their arrival.  Tonight we got a high chair-- thanks Candace!

The fun part is packing.  I have packed a variety of small toys for the boys and clothes in sizes varying from 9 months to 3T.  Whatever doesn't fit, we will donate.  We were given a portable DVD player to borrow-- a complete surprise!  Now we can take a few kids shows that the boys might like.  Any suggestions?  And we can watch movies that are in English!  How nice since Rachel and I will be there for a while.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.  You have been such a great encouragement.  Out of the blue, we received another $75 donation.  Feeling incredibly blessed tonight-- not just because of the money but more that this blogger friend cared enough to reach out to our family.  It means so much! Thank you!

P.S.  Praising the Lord!  Katie, the young Mom I previously shared about going into cardiac arrest is awake and doing well!  Nothing short of a miracle!  Hearing her story really touched me.  Got me thinking about death and all of the loved ones that have passed away over the years.  I was praying for her as soon as I read what had happened.  I am so incredibly thankful that our Lord healed her, and is using her story to show us all how precious life is.

Here is a song that I really like right now.  Its lyrics are powerful. . .  worth listening to.  Let our lives be the proof.


  1. I bet the boys would love to watch a little video of your family greeting them, each one by name, so they can see your family before coming home. I know you will have pictures but since you have the DVD player this might be a nice way to introduce your family to the boys and the workers at the orphanage. Just a thought. So excited for you.

    1. The "Your Baby can read" DVD's are great! Landon really liked his from a young age and he was learning right from the start with songs and animals etc. Oksana even learned a lot about how words are said and formed in English. (Meant for younger kids but she was 10)Also, Little Einstein DVDs are wonderful...the ones with the 4 kids who explore art and music using an adventure. :)Both can be found at Walmart I believe. I am so excited to follow along on your journey and can't wait to "Meet" the boys. Safe travels to you all!

  2. yipee!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I can't believe the time to go is finally here! I'll be praying for your whole family as you embark on this next part of the journey!

  4. My favourite show for tiny kids is Spider. I don't think it's available on DVD for the US, but it is on youtube. They are really simple cartoons told through songs.

  5. Hi!I think just being there to hug the children is very important. How often are these chldren held and even smiled at?I do not think very often.Blessings, Pat


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