Monday, May 21, 2012

Only One Sleep Left

I sit here with my laptop in my bed.  Of course, I can hardly sleep.  Everything is pretty much packed-- and we are traveling lighter than we ever have before.  Hope that is just a sign of an experienced packer knowing how to pack just the essentials and not me forgetting a bunch of stuff. :) I guess I'll know once we are in Ukraine.

The kids are excited and anxious all rolled up.  Understandably.  There is going to be big change in our family starting tomorrow.   I read my last book with Dennis this afternoon right before his nap. It will be a month before I read him another one.  Thankfully he has big sisters who enjoy reading to him.  He is very excited to know that he is going to be a big brother very soon.  I hope I am able to post lots of pictures for him and Alex to look at.  They act like they grasp the concept of getting new brothers, but at the same time I don't think they will fully understand until the boys are actually home.

Please pray our boys home as we take off on this journey tomorrow.

We will be flying out of LA tomorrow afternoon.  I was able to check us in via computer and print out our boarding passes.  This is something new since I last traveled overseas. 

I pray that the Lord is preparing our two little boys' hearts.  I pray that they are safe and sound as well as all the other little ones in their baby house. 

Last night I met one last time with three of the most amazing ladies from our community group.  They will be spending time with the kids while we are gone to give my Mom a couple of hours break here and there.  They are such terrific ladies-- that my cup is filled with new found friendship with Sisters in Christ.

Praise the Lord for supportive family, friends, and the wonderful blessing of adoption.

Next stop-- Germany!


  1. Safe travels Christine!

    Wishing you all the best as you bring your two little boys home!


  2. Hi! My prayers are with you. Many blessings, Pat


  4. Praying for you Christine!!! Go get those boys of yours!!

  5. Praying for your journey this morning! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Can't wait to follow your journey!!!!
    Safe travels to Ukraine and your boys!

  7. Have a wonderful trip. How exciting seeing the boys for the first time. It doesn't matter how many times you adopt it is always exciting isn't it? Hugs from your RR family.

  8. Safe travels! We will be praying for you. May the Lord lead you both, move mountains and give you strength in the next month.


  9. Hi Christine, am sure you can't believe your finally on your way to meet your sons.:-) i have tried contacting you via e mail. not sure where your traveling too but if its lugansk we made friends there and am sure they would be happy to help in any way while you there. email me at , have a safe trip. look forward to seeing the boys in your arms, hugs cass

  10. Oh so exciting!!!!!! We will be praying and looking forward to updates!!!


  11. So excited to soon see pictures of you with the boys!!!!! I will be praying for an easy adjustment for them as they get to know you!!

  12. I was praying for you all again today for a safe flight and that everything would go smoothly, both in the place you're leaving and where you're going. :) So excited to see pictures!!

  13. Praying for safe travels... I am also excited to see pictures of your sweet little boys.
    Take Care

  14. It's finally here =) YIPPEE! Praying you through. Love you, Elaine


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