Saturday, May 26, 2012

In Region

We arrived in the region!  The overnight train was actually very nice.  They ran the air while we slept and the bathroom was unlocked the whole time. 
We had our translator pick us up and take us to our apartment that is located right in the center.
Only 1 bedroom, and very small, we were promised a bigger apartment on Monday.  Thankfully I brought a few forks from home.  Now I know why. :)
Here is John walking back from our trip to the grocery store.
Lots of puddles from 2 days of rain.  Brrr, it's cold here right now.  We should have brought our jackets!  Oh well.
We all found what we wanted to eat down at the market.  It was all very yummy!
Rachel bought this bag of sweet puffy-like Cheetoes.  They were only 8 grivna and very delicious.  Just like she remembered when she lived here in the orphanage.  They are so light and airy that they melt in your mouth-- perfect for our boys.
Frankly, I was very happy for her after her Kiev disappointment.  She found this special cake that used to be her favorite and so she bought it.  When she tried it, she realized that she no longer liked it.  "I guess my taste buds changed."

Our apartment is very small, only one bedroom that serves as the living room too.  Imagine my surprise when I found only one fork.  There is no microwave and very few cooking utensils so it looks like we will be buying food from the deli all day tomorrow.
Thankfully, we are moving on Monday to a bigger apartment--since we will have one more person staying with us.
That's right-- Sasha will be joining us!

It is not possible for us to see the boys before Monday morning so we will be getting together with some missionary friends this evening and possibly again for church tomorrow.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
The Lord is our strength in all that we do.
May the adventure continue!


  1. Wow Cristine,
    It's like a reality a great way. I keep rushing nightly..ok so daily see where you are in the process. We have 4 children we adopted domestically under 7. They were from birth however. I have always been fascinated to follow the process through International adoption. Not through some artsy documentary..not through an agency DVD and not from a special on TV. This blog, although gives us just snippets I am sure, is such a realistic account in real time of what you are going through.

    I am fairly new to the blog...a few months...well maybe more..I didn't not know Rachel was born was wondering why she came and didn't perhaps stay at home to help with other littles. i thought maybe she would just be a huge help for you there...and now I see there are multiple reasons. Sasha....he is a male friend Rachel met there? From a young child or was it on another trip, just trying to catch up on it

    I am praying so much for your family. We were at my sons end of the year home school co op picnic and so many people approached us about us about adoption as our baby is AA and our 21 mon ols is of Indian ethnicity. I am finding it is alot like blogs I have read of families with quads..people want to stop and talk and sometimes I need to say "I am so sorry I have 4 kids 6 and under(the oldest with sp needs) and I can't talk right now...LOL

    God Bless...Be safe!! Can't wait for next update!

    Liz D

  2. So excited to be following another adoption of yours:):) Have fun!

  3. Praising God you are one step closer and brought FORKS. Giving thanks for your tiny efficiency apartment, and for your visit with your missionary friends and for Sasha and Rachel being able to see one another again =) WOW, what an amazing time. So thankful! Continued prayers for y'all, for better weather and prayers for all at home and your sweet mama. Much love sister, Elaine

  4. Glad you made it! We've always had good experiences with the overnight trains. Part of the adventure!

  5. I can't wait to see you next post either! I can barely stand waiting to see you holding your two precious little ones!

  6. We did move to a different apartment. It was very hard with our baby to stay were we were. Praying you get nicer apartment, and can't wait to see pictures of your boys :) If you need anything you know our # :)

  7. I am so happy to hear that the train ride was nice. I hope I can say the same :) I was hoping that you would get to meet your boys this weekend, so now I am counting down the days until Monday :)

  8. My kid adore those sweet corn puffs. At first bite I about gagged - because, I suppose, you naturally expect a cheese taste, and the sweet was just disgusting.....but, they've grown on me! And, you can't eat just one (which is why they come in such enormous bags, I guess).


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