Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tour

In our Kiev apartment. Here is what $90, 5 minutes from Independence Square will get you.  BTW, WiFi here has gotten better since that first night.
John in our living room.  Rachel slept on the couch in the corner which was way more comfy than our bed.
Looking outside on one of the two porches.
The Hallway
The linen closet room
The bathroom, better known as the water closet.  On the left is the tub, washing machine, and sink.  On the right is the toilet and a smaller sink.
Rachel in our spacious bedroom.
The kitchen
For a few grivna, people could make these big bubbles.
In Independence Square
You have to walk underground to cross the street.  There you will find many small shops.  This donut kiosk was new. Wonder if they taste as good as they do back home?
More pictures of where the SDA is located.  Since the Soccer Championship will be here the whole town is getting a major makeover.  I am told that this will be done in a few weeks as will another air terminal in Borispol.
The famous church next to the SDA building.  I never did find out the new name.
Behind that tree is the statue of the man and woman.
In front of one of the many beautiful churches.
John grabbed these crab flavored chips since we could not find plain salted ones.  Not very tasty.  I wonder if the squid flavored ones are any better?

Lunch is served. 
In the mall.
I do love my panty.
After taking this picture we were informed that it would be 20 grivna.
At Poo-zata Hata.  The mushroom Plov that John got was really yummy.
Mmmm, cherry vereniki.  They were so yummy and not too many pits!


  1. The cherry verniki (Sp?) looks to die for! I am so glad you all got there fine and are adjusting...super excited to see pics of you with your boys.....: )))

    Hugs and hoping you continue to have a great experience!
    : ) Gina/Rita

  2. Christine,

    We have 3 sons from Ukraine (and a son and daughter from Russia). We spent lots of time in Ukraine (over 21 weeks spread out over 7 trips) adopting our 3rd son. The beautiful church by the SDA that you never did find out the name of is St. Andrew's. The beautiful church that you and Rachel are standing in front of is St. Michael's. If you stand at St. Michael's, the church directly across is St. Sophia's. Every day that we were in Kiev we would go into St. Michaels and light a candle and pray that each of our boys would be safe until they were in our arms. Each time we would light them we could feel a wave of relief come over us. Our boys are from Simferopol.


  3. The apartment brought back so many memories about our apartment in Uralsk Kazakhstan. Mostly the wall paper and the little couch in the corner that Rachel slept on. (Oksana slept on one like that also) LOL. It looks like you're sure enjoying touring around waiting until your overnight train to see the boys. Thanks for all the updates and photos!

  4. Praising God for all His timely provisions, both great and small. The apartment looks perfect for your needs. Continued prayers for all of you as the Lord prepares your hearts for "the meeting" =) SO excited. Prayers for everyone at home too. Hugs, Elaine

  5. Thank you for sharing your trip with all of us! It is very interesting to see how other people live. I love colorful buildings like the church. I wish they would make more colorful buildings here in the USA!!!

    The apartment does not look bad at all, but homey. Is it $90 a day?

    Yucaipa, CA

  6. Oh wow, so many things different from what we’re used to here…

  7. Mmm... plov! Try the chips with the Swiss-looking cheese on the bag. Yum!

  8. Mmm... crab flavored potato chips, yummy!! NOT!! :)

  9. Enjoying your posts. Just wandering what Rachel is feeling about being in Ukraine again. Is it bringing back good or bad memories? Just curious. Cole was 26 months old when we brought him home from Kaz and what is strange is not too long ago he said something about he didn't like hearing the babies crying all the time, and when I asked him where he said "you know from where I was a long time ago" which in August it will be 6 years, and when we were there the babies were crying all the time. Maybe if she feels up to it sometime Rachel could do a post from her perspective.

  10. So glad to hear you made it there without any delays. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures of your journey. Love the "Sweet Donuts" kiosk (my Russian lessons paid off, I could actually read the sign!). Why don't we have those here in the states?? Hope you are able to get to the Ministry, or the Ukranian equivalent today and get to meet the boys without delay!

  11. Seeing all of this makes me SO EXCITED and EXTREMELY impatient all at the same time. Can't wait until I get there :) and can't wait to see pictures of you with your boys :)

  12. LOL - crab chips!!!! Mike bought and ate the crab chips, and the squid chips too! We also have photos of them. He said that they weren't bad, but that they weren't good either. He couldn't convince me to try them. Oh, the memories :)


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