Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Good Day

Here is our new apartment.   It is very nicely decorated.  This is how we spent our morning while it rained.
When it looked like the rain would not let up, we went out for groceries.  First thing we saw in the open market was an older man changing his pants.  We quickly turned our eyes and headed in the opposite direction.  We bought things like tomatoes, strawberries, bread, and eggs-- each from a different vendor.
Here is Rachel in the kitchen finishing up the dishes.
Around 3pm we headed out to the baby house.  Little did we know that we got on Bus 110 B when we should have gotten on 110 A.  We did not recognize the area where the bus was driving and had resolved to riding the bus back to our orginal stop when all of a sudden we recognized where we were.  We quickly got off and made it to the baby house only 20 minutes late.

Our Big Boy was happy to see us.
Here he is getting dressed.
Little One smiled when he saw us.  It was a wonderful feeling.
In just a few days we see him blossoming.  He is shaking rattles, turning over, trying to stand, and making all sorts of noises as if he is trying to communicate with us.
Our Big Boy likes candy aferall.  We put a few Skittles in this container and he asks us to open it so he can get them out.  He sucks on them for a long time. 
The visit went well.  It was hard to say goodbye. 
This is the bus stop we wait at near the baby house.  Yesterday a cute baby kitten was sleeping on the ground right where Rachel's feet are.

Tomorrow is Kid's Day.  We are told to expect some festivity at the baby house.  We are hoping to see more of the children and possibly a children's program.  We'll let you know.

P.S.  Another highlight of the day was John hearing from all the kids via email after writing all of them last night.  :)


  1. The new apartment looks nice :) I am VERY excited about kids day tomorrow! I really hope you see our little guy!

  2. They are adorable! The baby's eyes are gorgeous! Congratulations! :)

  3. Any news on the adption front? Perhaps a court date soon? Loving the pics of little boy...he is blossoming! Praying.

  4. What a wonderful day in spite of the rain!! Shopping in an open market is always interesting! :)

  5. Seems like y'all are having a great time getting to know the boys. I like seeing pictures of Sasha with the family. I wish he could go home with y'all. I know it's been awhile so I don't remember which daughter of your is the one who keeps in touch with him.

  6. Okay, I am officially in love with your two new loves!!!

  7. Been praying for your court date! And for John's asthma. My husband gets asthma attacks pretty bad too! I worry every time it happens! Something about your husband struggling to just kinda scary! Keeping you in prayer, and passed the prayer request on to others in church leadership too.
    We went over to see the kids tonight! We had a great time, they even invited us to stay for dinner! Sweet family you have! I posted pics and tagged you on Facebook so you can see them! All seemed well! Adam is a great older brother and really seemed to be a HUGE help!!!!!! Julia too!

  8. THANK YOU Christine for keeping us all so updated..really, I appreciate it so much and you put a smile on my face everyday when I check and see how things are going....Your boys are adorbale..can NOT wait to see them homE!!!! XXOOOO


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