Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 9 In The Country

Right outside the baby house gate.
This is the door we walk in to visit the children.  The first time we brought Sasha and our missionary friend, they let all of us visit the children.  The next time we brought Sasha they did not.  Only family.  I was sort of expecting this in the back of my mind so it wasn't a complete surprise.  In fact, I am impressed that they want to protect the children this much.  Nothing wrong with that.
Our Big Boy loves to play.  He was all smiles wearing these sun glasses. 
I forgot to mention that both boys were not in diapers yesterday.   I asked what size our Litle One wears and they told us a size 4!  Wow!  I bought size 3 for at home.  Please, whoever is reading back home, would you mind picking us up a size 4 package of diapers by the time we come home?
Here is Sasha in our old apartment drinking his first Coca-Cola float.  He enjoyed it very much.  But afterwards he got under the covers to warm up. :)
Yesterday we moved to a bigger apartment.  It is nicer in many ways, but the other apartment had its good characteristics too.  We gave up a better view and location, and much cleaner and nicer smelling stairwell in our old apartment, for a bigger, nicer apartment, with quicker internet, a comfier bed, and constant hot water.  The stairwell is awful though.  We joke by taking a deep breath before opening our front door and then running down before having to take another breath.  It is easy to do on the way out if you are not the one locking the door, but coming up I can't do it.  Sasha understands and laughs too.
Here is John and Sasha carrying groceries back to our apartment.  I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches served with potatoes and salad from the deli.  It was nice to cook at home and eat yet another sit down dinner with Sasha who has not experienced many family sit down dinners.

I have alot to share about Sasha, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement.  They bless us very much.  John's asthma is pretty bad here to the point that it makes me worry.  But then again, I tend to worry about everything.  Between the smoke, pollution, pollen, and humidity he is constantly wheezing.  Thankful for the inhaler he has and his ability to chill.  Don't worry, he will okay, but your prayers that we hear of a courtdate soon so that he can go home and breath easier are much appreciated.

We woke up to rain this morning and it has been thundering off and on so we skipped the morning visit.  We already did one trip in the pouring rain and it was no fun!  We will go a little early to our afternoon visit to make up.  Can't wait!  


  1. Loving the updates and pictures! Thank you for taking us 'with' you on this journey :). I worry too...about EVERYTHING!!! It's the one thing I wish I could 'turn off' about myself. I just recently had a baby (my 1st...and only)...and talk about worry!!! Ugh :(! It is nice to have a partner who is more relaxed about things. Helps even it out. I know how you feel tho. Hope you can come home soon! -Kate

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  3. I will get my friends to pray for a decision about your court date soon, so that John can go home. I know you will miss him, but the guy needs to breathe! Just from the photos he projects a sense of calm in chaos; and we will all pray for God to give you whatever strength you will need.

  4. Oh my, yes I remember the stairwell!!! Ours in Nikolaev smelled awful too but the apartment was beautiful. We did the deep breath too and by the time we unlocked all 15 locks on the 2 doors, we were starving for a breath of fresh apartment air!! :)

    Will pray for the wheezing!!!


  5. Love reading about your adventures!! :-)))

  6. Praying for a court date soon. Enjoy your visit with the boys today :)

  7. Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches were a staple for us on our last trip! Hoping John improves quickly. Josh had terrible trouble (allergies not asthma) with the air pollution in Mariupol.

  8. So excited for you! Hope court happens quickly. How soon can you leave after court? Love all the updates!

  9. Praying for you, dear ones!
    Love the pictures and how you share this experience. I am very near in heart with you all the way through this journey.
    Your boys are beautiful, Rachel is beautiful. You and John are beautiful. Hey, so is Sasha. Your story is beautiful!! Oh, look at me, happy tears for a story gone right.
    Praying specifically for John's asthma. That can be scary. I admire the ability to chill. I tend to wind up internally and that only makes it worse.
    Enjoy this leg of the journey. You'll be home soon. Godspeed.
    Thanks for the great posts.


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