Friday, June 1, 2012

International Children's Day

Today Ukraine celebrated International Children's Day!  The baby house went all out for the kids.  There was a live tv crew there too.
When we first showed up and found our Big Boy he was very sad.  He wanted to participate in the festivities and he thought we were there to take him away from all the excitement.
John reassured him that was not the case and he did well.
Most of the kids were outside but we did not see our Little One.
We were told he was up in his room.
We decided that John would stay outside with our Big Boy while Rachel and I went and saw Little One.
When we went upstairs to see Little One, we found him sitting at the table with another precious little girl.  I will post about her separately, but let me tell you she is an angel.  And she is available for adoption.
Anyway, we got to stay in the room with our Little One and hold and play with him.  Slowly as each baby got scared or tired from all the festivities outside they were brought into the room.  Rachel and I got to play with all the babies.  And they hardly cried with us being there-- like they are getting used to us.
It was a wonderful blessing to get to be with all the babies.
Since it was getting late and the babies needed to eat, we said our goodbyes and went back outside.
After everything was over we got to spend a few minutes with our Big Boy.  He was distracted by all that was going on and I am certain he was on a sugar high.  Let's just say he was not too interested in us today.
We could tell he wanted to get back to his groupa to make sure he didn't miss any more action so we said our good byes.
Please continue to pray.  If the paperwork gets finished in time we will have court on June 7th.  This would be right on schedule for John told his work he would be returning.


  1. You made my day today :) I am so happy that you not only saw our little guy today, but also got to spend time with him. Thank you SO MUCH! Praying for the paperwork to get done in time.

  2. Christine,
    I get the sense that this a really good baby home. Just from the pictures and the festivities and the way the boys are dressed. They seem well cared for her, as compared to many of the homes.
    So great to see you with the boys!!!!!! It all looks so natural.

  3. I love those balloon creatures so awesome!!! Think that is great that big boy is so sure of you that he doesn't want to miss the fun. I was excited to see him in a new outfit also. That red outfit was getting old. Need pics of little boy though...missing that great smile. Praying for a court date.

  4. ADORABLE pictures! I'm so glad your boys are in an orphanage that seems to actually care about the kids. What a blessing!

  5. That looks like so much fun. I'm glad the kids have those opportunities.


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