Monday, February 27, 2012

Adoption Update

Okay, so I just checked with Reece's Rainbow.  It seemed like a coincidence when our grant went up the same amount that we raised for the giveaway. 
Now I know why.  They transferred the money in the giveaway over to our Family Sponsorship page.
The grant you see to the right includes the money donated from the giveaway that I ended early.
Thank you to all I emailed about the giveaway.  I sure appreciate your understanding on the whole issue.
I will try and mail out the items this week.
For all of the remaining items, I will be holding a silent auction.
An adoption update.
Our revised home study is in the mail-- free of charge!
Our invitation to be fingerprinted came in the mail today!


  1. So glad they did it for free and that your fingerprinting invitations came! Praying you're able to quickly and easily redo the docs that need to be done. Frustrating, I know! But all in God's perfect timing and plan!

  2. Yay for progress. There are always bumps in the road.


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