Sunday, February 19, 2012

Worth Every Penny

A big big thanks!
Now 17 sticker decals have been sold.
Each one sold brings us closer to our boys.  For each decal sold, approximately $10 goes towards their adoption costs. You can't even begin to imagine how much that helps us-- so thank you again.
Praising the Lord that He continues to bring people into our lives that want to partner with us to bring Doyle and Fischer home as soon as possible.
When we first began this adoption-- we had it all planned out.
Of course that meant traveling in summer--- because you know-- that would be ideal for us.
But adoption is not about what is ideal for us.  Adoption isn't something that should fit perfectly into our lives in order for us to say yes to doing it.
Adoption is the Lord's plan and if He says you're going sooner, then we have to follow.
We have to allow our hearts to be shaped by the plans He has for us.
Funny how, this is a forever thing that I am still learning and will probably continue to learn for the rest of my life.
Knowing this, I still had my little ideal plan.
Kids would be out of school, some kids could go to friends and family, etc.
But over the past few weeks, we have learned that the possibility of traveling could be much sooner than summer.  With that realization, John and I have chosen to go when He says go.
Because honestly, Doyle and Fischer have already spent too much time without a Mommy and Daddy.
We trust God to work out all the details.
 Including finances even though we probably have less time to fund raise.
He will work out the timing.  He will work out the schooling.  He will work it all out for His glory.
He will work it out for Doyle and Fischer because He loves them more than we possibly can.
All of you have been a part of bringing two little orphan boys closer to their forever family 
Without you, it would be incredibly hard if not impossible.
Your prayers, your encouragement, your emails, your notes, your handmade items, and your financial contributions which I like to think of as love offerings have played a vital role in bringing us this far in the adoption process.
Adoption is not easy.  But you have been there walking this road with us.
Thank you.
The beauty of adoption is so much more than the redemption of a life.
It brings people together.  
It brings hearts together.
God takes the circumstances surrounding the need for adoption and turns it into something beautiful.
And together, we are all a part of it.
For those of you new to adoption and the costs associated with it, I wanted to share a breakdown of the costs of a Ukrainian adoption so you can get an idea of why it costs so much.
Homestudy (approx. $2,000)
Homestudy related paperwork (approx. $300)
Immigration ($890)
Notary and apostilles for Ca. (approx. $650)
agency/facilitator fees (approx. $15,000)
translation fees (approx. $1,000)
travel for two/ one trip (approx. $2,500)
travel for 2 kids (approx. $1,800)
daily driver in Ukraine (approx. $35 a day)
apartment in Ukraine (approx. $50 a day)
food (approx. $20 a day)
Child medical exam ($100 each)
orphanage donation (approx. $500)
immigration visa (approx. $400 per child)
child passports (approx. $500 each)
approx. $28,000  and worth every penny of it.
When I see this figure, I am amazed at how we always have enough come time we need to complete an adoption.  Not on our own-- ever.
In my own mind, I can't crunch the numbers to have it make sense.  If I tried, I think I would easily see the impossibility of it all.
And yet with God-- All Things are Possible.
This is how I know that God multiplies what we all have when its given to further His kingdom.  Just like the five loaves and two fish. 
In the grand scheme of things, the cost to get these two precious boys home is small compared to the price that has already been paid for our salvation.
I think of Doyle as two more precious souls to teach about the love of Jesus.
Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Hi- I have followed your blog a long time. We have one daughter adopted from Russia at age 12 and two bio-boys. Our daughter has struggled but has adjusted well and is one of the three highlights of our lives. She is in college now. My husband and I want to support your efforts. We made a donation to the Reece's Rainbow account. I hope that will be most helpful to you.

    1. Thank you Joy. So glad to hear your children are doing well! College forus is right around the corner too. :)

  2. What an inspiring post! Our Father in heaven is really so good, and His ways are higher than ours. . . He knows what we go through and has a grand plan for our lives. God bless you! You are continually in my prayers.

    1. Melissa, thank you for your prayers. We covet them. Blessings to you.

  3. Hi!I am glad you might be able to get the babies sooner than you had hoped for. I know that with God all things are possible and God is our pilot. He guides us on all our journeys.If the boys are ready soon He must have had a reason for getting from out of the Ukraine sooner. Good luck. Pat

    1. We want to go get them as soon as He says go and paves the way! :)

  4. I'm like you. I try to make the plan fit my schedule. I think that's our tendency and of course God gave us the brains to plan, but sometimes his plans are totally different. Have to be reminded of that often.

    1. I know what you mean. And you would think that I know that, but I keep having to be taught over and over.

  5. It looks like little Doyle has my birthday, just a few years later!

    I donated a little bit, what I could afford right now.


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