Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Awe

Thank you for your thoughtfulness-- you know who you are.
As we march along this process, I am in awe of the amazing, loving, generous people that God has brought into our lives.
You more than cover the few that have stepped up to use this adoption to attack us to the fullest.  
For a while there, I was in defense mode, but it was not productive in the least, so I have stepped back from them... thinking I would be filled with loneliness--
only to be met with a showering of kindness and friendship.
That's our Heavenly Father.
He is our Comforter.  He is Our Strength.
He is our Defender.
He has given me the self-control to not respond anymore.  Thank you Lord for your provision in more ways than I can count.
Thank you for laying these two precious boys on our hearts.
Thank you for a husband who prays with me at night-- even when we both could hardly keep our eyelids open.
Thank you for children who are the argument for having more.
Thank you for holding my hand through this process.
Please be with our boys. . .  give them a hug for me.
Please be with those who have blessed me. . .  and those who have hurt me too.
Your power and majesty reaches to the heavens. . . 
from one outstretched arm to the other. . . 
enough for each and every one of us.
I stand in awe.
I am covered by your grace.
I am sheltered in the wings of your warm embrace.
As I share the story of our family on a journey to bring home two precious little boys, I ask that your words shine through. . . 
your love permeates. . . 
your Spirit overwhelms. . . 
and your passion for each and every one of us is made clear.
Be blessed today.


  1. Beautiful post Christine. Please don't let any negative comments by anyone out there bring you down. You are doing a beautiful thing. Bringing those adorable boys into your large and loving home will be so wonderful for them (and for the rest of your family).

    Blessings to you all as you continue to follow God and trust in Him!

  2. You are following God's direction and He will not steer you wrong. Blessings to you and these sweet boys. I'm anxious to add to my brood, as well, but waiting for direction on if this is in His will.

  3. I am blessed by your love and willingness to share it. Isn't God good?


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