Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Closer!

We have been very busy on the adoption front.  Thankfully we are nearing the end of our paper chase.  Five different notaries, an overlooked sign resulting in an extra half hour of driving around, and a scan of our canceled check emailed over to county recorder so our marriage certificates can get mailed sooner-- it is safe to say we are now awaiting our first set of apostilled documents to arrive at the end of this week.

The same friend who gave us a twin trundle bed also gave us lots of boy baby clothes-- such a blessing!  Thank you!  Thank you to all of you have partnered with us to help bring our boys home.  Whether you have helped financially, praying for us, or just being there for us-- or all three-- your friendship has blessed us beyond words.


  1. Wow! Such progress! Praying for your paper baby to arrive safely soon! God bless!

  2. Hi!I will be sending my donation this week to God waiting children for your adoption. Please continue to keep us posted.The amount of paper work needed for an adoption is awful. In PA there has been some changes to our adoption laws so paper work just got more .Good luck Pat

  3. Hi! I can not even imagine the amount of paper work that is needed for your adoptions of the two babies. It is nice that your friends are helping you so much. Just getting the clothes for the boys from friends is a big help and saving much money.Good luck as you travel on your journey Pat


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