Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Friday

$140 later and our dossier is on its way to Ukraine.
I forgot how much international mailing was.  Hey, it's worth it when I think about who it is for. :)
God willing it will arrive this Friday-- at least that is what FEDEX says.

Donations over $300 came in over the last 24 hours.
Thank you so much!  Feeling blessed. Encouraged.
Each day we keep getting closer.
Closer, closer. . .  till Doyle and Fischer ride out of their baby house in a royal carriage stroller. . .


  1. It seems this adoption is FLYING by. Ours took almost 2 yrs :/ It is encouraging....cause very soon, God willing, we will do it again :)

  2. Fantastic!!! Blessings, Sue


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