Friday, February 3, 2012


I am so excited to know that so many of you have chosen to be a partner in bringing the boys home!
Over three hundred dollars in donations have come in over the last twenty four hours.
Plus three hand made dolls to be raffled or auctioned off-- which are adorable by the way, and three more offers for hand made items.
I can't forget the refund from our old auto insurance agency-- it all adds up!
Plus, the girls went around the neighborhood and sold $35 dollars worth of cookies!
Praise the Lord!
It amazing to know that these two little boys are already loved so much-- I think I can speak for them and say how much they appreciate it.
Today started out rough-- caught a child cheating on a test.
Not fun.
But by the grace of God, I remained calm despite her disrespect, and her attitude has already changed.  For this child, it is record time, so I am once again blessed to see God working in her life.
Today is Julia's birthday, so in preparation the kids did a lot of their work yesterday.
It freed up the early afternoon to make homemade donuts. . . which is what she wanted. . .
and homemade thin mints that are just as good as the Girl Scout ones.
I was emailed the rough draft of our home study.
I looked over it and made a few minor corrections with ages-- but the wording was perfect-- no changes necessary so hopefully we will have the finalized copy in hand next week!
I'm trying to bust out the dossier this weekend too-- so please pray that I find the time and don't pull my hair out in the process.
Lastly-- just wanted to let you all know that I ordered the window decals.
They should be here within 10 days.
If you ordered one, I will be in contact with you.
If you want to order one-- I still have 60 to sell.
Please spread the word.
Lastly, I thought this would be fun.
If you bought something like a bag or dish clothes or something, why don't you take a picture with it and email it so I can post it on the blog.
I'd love to put a name to a face.


  1. Hi!I am glad you are moving ahead on your donations and your friends are behind you.I hear awful stories weekly about orphans in the Ukraine how at 16 years old the children must leave the orphanages- no family support or community public welfare or social support , no money. no job skills etc. Even from what I can tell from talking to the members of the Ukraine church I attend the orphans are viewed by many Ukraines as second class citizens and not really aided by the government with much support when they are in an orphanage or when they actual leave an orphanage.I think it is nice you can aid these orphans and bring them to America where they can at least have a chance for a Christian productive life.May God continue to bless you on your journey, Pat

  2. Happy Birthday Julia!!!!! : )

    Christine, I am so excited for you!

    : ) Rita


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