Saturday, February 25, 2012


Making Ikra (a Russian eggplant recipe) in an attempt to eat healthier.  Caleb actually chopped the onions for me. :)
My grandmother made it and I loved it.  Hope mine turns out half as good.
As it simmers, I came and checked my email.
Thank you for your emails, prayers, and continued donations. They mean so much.
One of you asked what I meant about adopting without John.  It is not that I was doing this without him--  we were just hoping to fill out the paperwork so that only I would have to travel.  It means I would be adopting as a married individual where John would then readopt the boys once they came home.
This seemed like a logical way to solve childcare for the kids and allow John to continue working.
Logical-- yes.  Easier-- yes.
But at this point we have to wait till Monday to find out for sure whether it will be just me traveling or if John and I will both be going.
We are leaving it in the Lord's hands.
We are content either way.


  1. I am so sorry Christine! Praying God makes a way, and provision!

  2. It was my understanding that you had to have a job to be able to adopt as a married individual, but exceptions can be made. My eldest sister adopted once as a married individual, and her job is "rabbi's wife" and they let it go through.

    Praying for you.

  3. I like what the first commenter said. We're all praying, and let's see what God says, because that's the way He wants it to be. He will take charge of this. It just seems that Monday is so far away!

  4. Praying that it all works out for you. God knows what he is doing! I would love to help out with the kids if it wasn't half way across the US!

  5. Not sure if you read the blog All Are Precious in His Sight, but they are in Ukraine currently and were trying to adopt as a married individual because they weren't sure if one of them would be able to travel. They both ended up traveling and now they are running into huge problems because both names aren't on the boys' birth certificates. If you don't already read their blog you should hop over there- they are in Ukraine right now.


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