Monday, February 27, 2012

We Will Rejoice

We heard back from our facilitator.
It looks like both John and I will be meeting our two little boys in a few months.
He will be going with me.
At least we know now and can move forward trusting that our paperwork will be accepted.
I have already contacted our home study agency to change the wording on the last page.  There will most likely be a cost to this added change but the Lord is handling I am confident.
I wish I could understand why other families have successfully completed adoptions from this country with just one parent traveling and we have hit a road block.
I guess the Lord knows that John and I should travel as a couple and meet our two cutie pies at the same time.
Each time we travel to adopt we reconnect during these trips and fall in love all over again.  
 It's like a second honeymoon.  :)
After going over most of the paperwork it looks like we have to redo more than seven documents.
A lot of it was filled out in my name only.  After I redo it, we will have to have it notarized and apostilled and sent over via FEDEX all over again.
I hope to get it done tomorrow night.
I will keep my eye on the prize. 
Thank you for your encouraging words.  They buoy me in these choppy waters.
You have the special gift of encouraging words.
I addition, thank you for your love offerings that continue to come in.
Your friendship through this process has made me realize that though there may be a few who are out to tear down and destroy-- the majority of people are kind hearted, loving, and supportive.
Not only to our family but also to the plight of orphans.
For those of you who still want to order a decal-- you are an answer to my prayers.  
I still have 59 of those bad boys things to sell! :)

Psalm 118:24

 This is the day the LORD has made. 

      We will rejoice and be glad in it.


  1. Not that my opinions matter but when I heard that John might "have" to go. My heart went pitter pat for you and for your two little guys. I believe with you that God knows whats going on! I will pray for details to be settled on both sides of the sea.

  2. How anyone could possibly find anything to 'tear down and destroy' about your blog, your mission, your family, ... you ... I can't imagine - and I have a good imagination! What you, John, and your family do is AMAZING, and wonderful! At this point in my life, I am unable to contribute financially toward your adoptions (I support a sister who is adopting for the third time- and otherwise, my funds have to stay with our own family, who has been hit pretty hard in these hard economic times.) But - I hope encouraging words are a support, tho' I can't support financially. I've been with your family since many months before Dennis joined you, and I just love you all! Can't wait to make yet another journey with you, when you bring two more lucky boys home!

  3. Continuing to pray that all the barriers will be removed. Those two boys need to get home!!

  4. We will be praying too and praying you enjoy your "honeymoon"!!! Special, precious times.



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