Saturday, February 18, 2012

Directions For Applying Decals

Thank you so much for buying a sticker decal to help in our fundraising efforts to bring home our two little boys! We feel incredibly blessed by all of you who have contributed towards the boys' adoptions fund.

 Here are the instructions to apply your window decal sticker.

1. Clean window with windex. Dry and make sure free of lint and dust.
2. Very carefully peel back the thicker paper side of the decal to make sure you only peel away the backing and leave the sticker on the sticky side.
3. Position sticker where you want to apply before actually sticking it to window. Once it is stuck-- it's stuck!
4. Rub sticker with the back of a spoon.
5. Gently peel away backing leaving the white sticker decal on the window.
6. Step back and smile. :)

Thanks again!
13 14 stickers have been sold in all!
Little by little I hope we can sell them all!
With God all things are possible!

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