Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Update

11 decals sold in all so far!
Thank you to all who bought one so far.
Please continue to spread the word.
We still have 68 left.
Click here to check them out.
This past week has had its ups and downs.
John's police clearance letter still had not come back by this past Wednesday so I called the DOJ.
They said they could not control the mail.
I assumed it would come.
When our marriage certificates came in two days from the time they mailed them, and still no police clearance letter, I knew that it not coming had nothing to do with the mail.
I called back the DOJ today.
I found out that they mailed it to the address we lived in two houses prior.
Thankfully they got our new address and it is on our way.  I am so thankful I followed up again.
As to our apostilles-- well there was a small glitch too.
Thankfully that got straightened out as well!
We should get them by Tuesday.

 As I thought of this last week and all the ups and down, I walked into my third store looking for envelopes to fit the sticker decals.  I kid you not-- I walked into Staples and found the exact envelopes I needed-- on sale dirt cheap-- when no other sizes or styles were on sale.  
I smiled.
Call it coincidence-- I call it God's grace.
Thank you.
An old friend of our from up North was down in the area and stopped by for dinner.
He shared that they were planning on adopting.  :)
His news was such an encouragement to me.
Oh, and he bought a decal.
Thank you for the generous donation that came in over the last weekend-- every little bit continues to add up and brings us steps closer to our boys.

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