Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Stumbled

I stumbled across this by clicking on a friend's FB link.  Once again the message was a hard read.  A hard one.  I share with you because together we can make a difference.  I'm telling you-- we can.  One of our daughters and one of our sons was very skinny and malnourished when we brought them home. One of them seven years old and only thirty pounds.  Some of the stories we have been told are not easy to hear.  But I look at them now, because they were given a chance-- and boy do they make me smile.

Bless their hearts, Oh Lord.


  1. Thank you for the link to that blog. I guess my reaction is, awareness is all fine and good but... How does one really do something? And what is there to be done? I know the big answer to that. Those conditions should not be. But... Do we "storm the castle" and take all these children away? What then? And who? I'm not trying to rude, but I really get tired of all this awareness stuff, but with no real way to help. Is it even realistic that American families go in and adopt these children? Is the average American family equipped to care for children coming out of these circumstances? Really equipped, because it will take more than a hear of compassion.

    1. Hi Kristen, Reading it does make the problem seem overwhelming and yet I see thngs are happening. Hundreds of these children are being adopted and when the parents are there and see the need-- they often try and do something to change it for better. The word is spread so that people can come together and help. I have seen and heard windows replaced on drafty buildings, play places installed in orphanage yards so the kids could play, diapers and vitamins donated, local hospitals reaching out to service these kids for free after the new parents of one of these children took them to the hospital for care, etc. Just going on a mission trip or supporting someone who is going can help. Not only can they spend time with these kids but they can also encourage the caretakers to do more. I'm sure it doesn't sound like much, but to those kids, it is such a blessing. The best thing about awareness is that a few of the moms that have adopted from Bulgaria and Ukraine have began a ministry that encourages and educates the parents of these children to keep them in the first place.


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