Friday, June 29, 2012

A Better Day

We had our 2nd full day with the boys and it went so  much smoother.

We were up by 6am to start our day.  Nolan was dry through the night again!  We ate breakfast-- I fed Oliver and Rachel fed Nolan.  We have been feeding Nolan so that he knows we are there to provide for him.  Plus, it has helped with the messes.  At the same time we are allowing him to have a water bottle with just a litle bit of water so that he feels like a big boy.  He loves unscrewing the cap over and over.

We are feeding Oliver much slower with little bites of food rather than shoveling it in.  By the end of his meal he is much more content to have the bib come off and have his face cleaned.  He is quite the character.  He loves to scrunch up his nose, raise his almost nonexistent eyebrows so that his forehead looks like that of an old man, and gum your finger to death. 

Oliver loves to be in the carrier with me.  He falls asleep everytime and it is nearly impossible to wake him when he is in it.  He loves the closeness and is definitely making up for lost time.  He is still spitting up-- almost like reflux, but he did finally have a good bowel movement so his tummy troubles are better. 

We went to our Embassy appointment this morning.  I was amazed to see the brand new, modern Embassy building.  All went well except for us having the wrong sized photos for the visa.  It was another stressful moment trying to find a photo shop that was open on this day after holiday holiday, but we did in you'll never guess-- the underground shops at the train station. 

The computer is giving me trouble so I will have to split this post in two.  For now--Enjoy the videos!


  1. Last night I dreamed that I got hold and cuddle Oliver. I'm telling you, that face just screams chub-o-love! Glad to hear his tummy is feeling better.

  2. ADORABLE!!!! I'm sure you are dying to get home, but I hope you are able to enjoy yourselves. Maybe the extra time bonding and setting expectations will help on the trip home.

  3. God is so Amazing! When Nolan was eating his ice cream in the 3rd video, didn't he favor John for a few seconds? Knit in the womb! Congrats!

  4. Precious precious boys! Praying you are able to come home SOON!!!


  5. I'm in love with Nolan...what a darling

  6. Couple of things: Spitting up IS's just the common name for it. Second, I think most pediatric GI doctors will tell you that in kids with DS, the reflux you actually see is probably only half of what's happening. They're usually silent refluxing in between visible episodes. Angela had very severe reflux and needed surgery to stop it. Axel is also a refluxer, as was my now 23 year old (didn't know until he was 10, and by then he'd developed barretts esophagus) When you get home, ad Ped. GI to your list of specialists for him. I can't remember if you've adopted since moving to your new house. Is there an international adoption clinic there? While I am well connected to the world of medical specialists in our area, getting referrals takes time (as you probably already know!) but I was able to get into all of the specialists for both Axel and Asher within just a couple of weeks by going through our International Adoption Clinic.

  7. Your boys are adorable! I've been following along on your journey to get them and really admire you and your family for opening up your heats and lives to them. I'm praying that the rest of the process goes smoothly and that you're reunited with the rest of your family soon.

  8. Hi Christine
    Firstly Congratulations on your newest sons!! I haven't been around here for a while & had no idea your adoption had progressed so quickly. Will have to change the 'pray for' your adoption on my prayer list to 'praise for'!!!
    Enjoy your sons ~ they are so precious!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh my goodness, the boys are adorable.

  10. Love the videos! Is it just me or is Nolan chunkier than when you first got to the orphanage?

  11. I loved watching the videos! They are both just sooo cute. Can't wait to meet them in person. :)


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