Wednesday, June 6, 2012


No court tomorrow.

It is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 12, the earliest possible date for the judge.


  1. Oh Christine. I'm so sorry. I will continue to pray.


  2. Sorry for the change in plans, but trusting that God has it all under control and is working His perfect plan and timing in your lives! Blessings!

  3. oh bummer! I'm praying for either a change or a fantastic few days and that John's work will be sympathetic and that his asthma will continue to improve despite the air quality. Your boys are going to love your family and this is all worth it!

  4. Oh frustrating for you, I know! I'll be praying that you at least have decent weather while you're waiting!

  5. Bummer! So sorry. I know you are anxious to get this process moving. Good luck!

  6. SORRY :( I'll be praying for John's health. And for your disappointment. God's timing is perfect though. I hope you can rest in HIM!


  7. Hang in there.. Enjoy the country while you are there.. I am in love with the little one.

    S. Michelle from NY

  8. so sorry it didn't work out to happen sooner.

  9. Oh my, Christine. I imagine you are thoroughly discouraged. I remember when we were in country and each moment, each decision, each outcome and each day carried such "weight" that it was physically draining. I know it's all good for you there but I also appreciate how tiring it is to be out of your comfort zone.

    Maybe it is just how you are describing the situation but John certainly sounds less than his usual robust self. I prayed for him last night.

    The kids are gorgeous - I praise God for His unspeakable love and protection for them up until this very day. I know He grieved, too, that they would be without a family to call their own. Until. Now.

    I'm somewhat fascinated about how your Rachel is REALLY processing this trip. I suspect only time will tell. Her experiences are so outside my own that I can't begin to relate the plethora of emotions she's having or will have.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a soft landing,
    Melin from FRUA of days gone by!
    ( FRUA is now limiting the chat to FRUA members only)

  10. Christine, sorry to hear about court being delayed. That happened us too but we had it on second date so Will say a prayer for you.loving all the photos brings back so many happy memories.can't wait to get out there in July. If its hot and you want to cool down there is a great outdoor pool with slide and cafe. we spent many an afternoon when we couldn't visit Alina. we got to it by bus but can't remember number but am sure the Ferdinand do. Do you have violetta? Great you Will have company soon. take care, Cass

  11. Grrr..I had a goodness when we were waiting for our birthmoms parental rights to be terminated this March/April(voluntarily) it was ALWAYS something. It could have been done at discharge...but then there was the BF they didn't want to approach...then there was her work....then a funeral...then vehicle..It wasn't even the BM doing. it was the legal aide not wanting to "push her." we went nuts. Here were were finally at home after just getting a call in the middle of the night that "a baby" had been born and were we interested... and we had been to another state..stayed with ALL of our kids since relatives were vacationing in Fla.....and here we were home and 4 weeks later still no parental rights were terminated. We felt it was kinda even rude as we had jumped in our car with all the "littles" and drove 10 hrs.

    We finally threatened to call her ourselves as it was unbearable. It was done 2 days later:)Now we just have to hang out until finalization. The legal system/people drive me batty!!!

    Hang in there. It sounds like a scheduling thing. I know there are still probably concerns on your end as i do not know much about IA. Like you we made the best of the time we had..visiting church, going to a large animal shelter( read horses) parks, bowling. you do what you can. You seem to be doing alot of good visiting the other orphanages. Do the boys know they will come home with you? I can't imagine.....I have only known people who have adopted domestically or in countries where the visit didn't involve an orphanage(more like foster families)

    Hope your husbands asthma holds out!!Praying for you guys!


  12. Praying!!! Your boys are just precious!


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