Monday, June 25, 2012

He is One Today!

Today is Oliver's birthday!
But I don't think anyone else noticed.
I mentioned it a few times and all I got is an "Eh."
Don't worry sweet baby boy, I celebrated in my heart.
And that song I sang in your ear-- Well it's the birthday song and from now on you are going to hear it every time we celebrate a year of your amazing life!
Can't wait to celebrate for real once we are home!

Rachel and I got to the baby house at 8:30 am. to pick up the boys to go and have their passport photos taken.  We got permission to take them without a nurse which gave us a chance to bond and see how the boys would respond to us outside the baby house.  Oliver and Nolan were very well behaved!
It only took a few minutes and cost 100 grivna.

After the photo excursion, Oliver fell asleep in my arms.  He seems to be doing that every day now.  Nolan was given a pocketful of candy when we got back.  I think it was for his awesome behavior.
Hmmm, I wonder if I should arm myself with a boatload of candy for the trip home.
We picked some up on the way home just in case.
I figure it can go one of two ways.  Either he will behave great to get the candy or as soon as he has the candy he will be hyped up on sugar and bounce off the walls.  Sounds fun.  Not.
As another back up plan, I am trying to get my hands on some melatonin.
I figure that whatever doesn't work on the train to Kiev, I will have something else to try for the plane ride home.

Tomorrow at 9 am. we are supposed to pick up the court decrees and then we will begin the paper chase to get both birth certificates-- in one day.
Please pray that this happens.  If it doesn't we are automatically stuck here delayed another week.
I can't even bring myself to think about this.
Just in case we are successful we needed to buy our train tickets for Wednesday evening.
As of this morning there were only first class tickets left.  And those were going quickly.  Some may think it very foolish, but we stepped out in faith and bought tickets for the 4 of us for $200.

If you don't hear me shouting from the rooftops at the end of the day tomorrow, you'll know why.
Just kidding.  I need to stay strong. . . and I will.

On another note, I wanted to share about Sasha.  He is doing okay,but is in desperate need for money.  He found another job, but he will not get paid until around July 21.  He does not have money for food or lodging.  He is literally living day to day right now. 
I know that many of you have emailed me asking to help.  Well now is the time.  We looked into different ways to get him the money and Western Union looks like the most viable option at this point.  It would bless him tremendously to be able to get him $200.  If anything above that is raised it will help cover the processing fees to get him the money, and the rest will go to him to bless him even more.
Thank you so much!


  1. Hi Christine! I pray that you are able to get both birth certificates in one day and are on the way home with your precious boys in no time! God bless you and your family for giving these boys a loving home and great chance in life! I also wanted to mention that I made a small contribution ($30) to Sasha's fund but it's still showing $0 in the contribution ticker. Not sure if there is a delay of some sort but I just making sure it gets to you. Please respond if it doesn't come through. Thank you, K

  2. Praying Christine!!!!!


  3. Sounds like the light at the end of the tunnel! Praying you can chase down the birth certificates and break out this week. I remember how exciting that day was!

  4. How can we contribute to help Sasha?

  5. I just wish there was some magic and I could do the rest of your "time"!

    I was surprised to learn a few years ago that candy/sugar does not make kids hyper - rather it makes them sleepy (if anything); it is only if children are actually hyperactive that sugar would have that effect. Conversely, hyperactive children will calm if given caffeine. A teacher I knew had permission of a student's parents to give him a cup of coffee every morning! And it made a difference!

    It is supposed that candy and sweets just have the reputation for getting kids hyper simply because these are often served for the sort of occasions (parties, etc.) that already have them keyed up.

    I do remember vividely, though, Zhenya eating the candy his Director gave him on our car ride to Moscow, and throwing up all over me. You are probably experienced enough now to remember that the kids aren't used to car rides! The train will be better. We always got the first class tickets; our facilitator didn't seem to think that "nice people" ever rode any other way. That was OK with me.

  6. Lord! Please get them on that train!!!!

  7. Hi, Christine,
    Praying for you to get on the train ride back to us in California!!!Yey! God Bless you! I chipped in and contributed again from my heart. This time for Sasha! Every little goes a long way! God bless you for doing whats right for these kids in need of loving family! You have encouraged me with your example to start giving to God who has richly blessed my family too! Thank you! God bless Sasha! (My husband's name is Sasha (Alex) With Love, Nadia Bgatov

  8. Well, I have to say my guy was great on the planes and played with the pretzels the whole time...he thought they were cars. Looked at me like I was crazed when I ate one. He was bouncing off walls between flights which was fine by me though. One the first trip from region to Moscow the stewardess handed him a huge handful of hard candy which worried me but he did not get a sugar high at all!

    The day I picked him up I wished I'd brought melatonin. It works great with my oldest boy adopted from US who is dx with FASD (he can't sleep without it). I was so tempted but the pills at the time were chalky and hard to swallow so didn't think it would 'work' for my Russian boy with jaw issues. They had a liquid out too but it tasted horrible so I just left that home assuming he wouldn't take it.

    Now they make a strawberry melt in mouth one that would have been perfect! It is sold at Rite Aide in my state (PA). But, not all Rite Aides carry it so may need to shop around.

  9. hmm..I tried donating $100 and it wouldn't take any of the credit cards i put in......


  10. The thing about sugar is so true. I read the same articles..that sugar gets a bad rap..that you are usually seeing kids in a "amped up environment" when they consume could be a trip to ice cream store for some...some a bday party....a BBQ....also so tue with serves as a stimulant..there is a kind of stimulus we all get in our brain to help us focus..that is why "stimulants" are prescribes as first line treatment to neuo chemical issues like ADHD.....

    I want to "chip in"...just gives various reason......"pick a payment"..i did......"wround number" no its not.." complete form"....did


  11. Happy Birthday, Oliver =) I'm very proud of you, Christine (and Rachel too). I am praying, believing that soon you will be on the plane back to America \o/ May God give you strength and patience as you finish up this process. Much love sister, Elaine

  12. Happy Birthday little Oliver! I pray that ya'll will get all the paperwork and get outta dodge in the next day or two! I'm glad that Sasha saw God's love in the money gift.

  13. Happy first birthday, Oliver! You yourself are a gift, and now God has gifted you with an amazing family. You are so full of potential, and I know God has incredible plans for your life. I can't wait to see it all unfold!

  14. $15 contribution attempted a few times today. I could not ever get confimration it went through - hope so

  15. Happy Birthday Oliver! Praying you home soon and CELEBRATING with your family! God Bless!

  16. Well, Christine, tomorrow is the day! We're all praying for everything to go perfectly, and it will, because God is in charge of this. However, I will be praying for calmness for you and Rachel as you wait to see what happens!

    I'm also going to pray for calmness for the boys on the way home. I want it to be a happy time, and not one where you and Rachel just want to blank everything out!!

    I just realized that June is a very busy birthday month for your family. So...Happy Birthday, Oliver, John, Sveta and Christine and anyone else I've left out!


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