Monday, June 25, 2012

From Sasha

Thank you everyone!  The goal has been met.  Actually it has been exceeded by about $100.00 so far.   We already sent $200.00 and plan to send him the rest in a few weeks.  He is incredibly thankful. Yes we could send all the money at one time, but it would probably be spent a lot quicker.  He has not had anyone to teach him how to spend wisely, plan ahead, and to budget.   Little by little I hope to find ways to share and teach him.  The goal is to help him out a little each month, but not have him fully depend on this money.

I wanted to share what he just wrote me.

Christine, thank you for what you have done for me. And now I
I want to thank those people who helped me. Now I do not even
I know what to say. I am very pleased that there are people in the world
who care for others. You know, for me it is the happiness that you
there. Suppose I do not know, but I will only say one thing, you have a very good
heart and it's great. Once I read the Bible a very
important information. There were these words help our neighbor if he
needs your help and bypassing his side. Now I am even more
began to believe in God. He really exists. This I at 100
percent know. I know that he pomoget one who believes in him. And you know
for me it is a miracle. The money that you gave me I use to
Living in an apartment and food. I'll be praying for you to have all
it was good. Once again all of you who have helped me a lot and a huge
Thank you. With love your brother Sasha.

Кристин, большое вам спасибо за то что вы для меня сделали. А теперь я
хочу поблагодарить тех людей которые мне помогли.  Сейчас я даже не
знаю что вам сказать. Мне очень приятно то что есть на свете люди
которые заботятся за других людей. Знаете, для меня это счастье что вы
есть. Пусть я вас не знаю, но скажу лишь одно, у вас очень добрые
сердца и это очень здорово. Однажды я в библии прочитал одну очень
важную информацию. Там были такие слова помоги ближнему если он
нуждается в твоей помощи и не обходи его стороной. Сейчас я еще больше
стал верить в бога. Он действительно  существует. Это я уже на все 100
процентов знаю. Я знаю что он помогет тому кто в него верит. И знаете
для меня это чудо. Эти деньги которые вы мне дали я использую для
проживания в квартире и на пищу. Я буду за вас молится чтобы у вас все
было хорошо. Еще раз вам всем кто мне помог большое и огромное
спасибо.  С любовью  ваш брат Саша.


  1. Maybe your missionary friends would consider being trustees for his money, till he can learn how to budget his living expenses!?! Just a thought. His letter is really sweet. Praise God he can see that this is truly a blessing from the Lord. Sent you and Rachel an email. Your cheerleader Elaine :p

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful- Sasha, you and people who!

  3. Hello... Happy birthday Oliver. OK, so I am just curious. You mention and talk about Sasha so much that I was just wondering why you don't adopt him or have him come live with you in America for a better life. What are your thoughts?
    S. Michelle from N.Y.

  4. Beautiful, simply beautiful.


  5. Wow!!! What a letter!! I so wanted to help and donate, but can not find the chip in. What a blessing you are Christine to all the people you are meeting in Ukraine. Pointing your light towards Christ...awesome!!!
    Praying you will be home with your beautiful boys soon...

  6. I'm so glad he's getting help and he's right, your heart is awesome. :) It's tough enough to make it in the world as a young person, I can't imagine doing it without the support of a family.

  7. My heart wanted to donate, too, but I have Sergei's sister and her little girl, and Nastia's grandmother and two bit brothers.... All desperately poor. If I could find some easy way I'd send them just a bit a month. If you find a good way, let me know.


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