Monday, June 25, 2012

Chip In Isn't Working

Yes you can still donate via the Chip In-- it still gets to the right place.

Hi Everyone!
I apologize that the Chip In is not working.  However, I can see that nearly $200 has been raised for Sasha.  The total is actually $197.85 after fees.

Here are the donations with the dollar amounts.


Praise the Lord!
Thank you so much!   


  1. Can we made a donation via the chip in link, but it just doesn't show up on the chip in gauge? Thanks.

  2. It looks like the Chip In doesn't work because the time parameters have ended. I will try to do the chip in later, but was planning to donate $50. He can hold onto it for emergencies as they arise.

  3. Christine, I am taking a wild guess that you are not able to answer questions embedded in comments for some very good reason (poor Internet connection, exhaustion, etc!). I recently tried to make a small donation ($30) through RR. The first time it said it was not able to be processed. I did it again and it went through. Lo and behold, both had been processed! I decided there was a message there and I could live with that :) If you find that your family's needs are met and Sasha needs support....I am trusting your good judgement and experience with what to do with the second $30! God bless! If that means a small treat for 4 weary travelers....A special something for a slightly jealous cream all are loved and admired.


Thanks for taking the time to comment! Blessings!